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  1. I've been quiet for years, but on this one I'll chime in... MBP15 (2017) with 512 - and this has become an issue (since 2018) - for the first time - EN is not my primary source for information. Don't get me wrong - I still use it - but cannot afford to eat up 120GB-180GB of HDD not the Mac. This feature would put EN back at my go-to and allow me to STOP paying for bland cloud space (hence - I'd pay more). I am just a premium since 2007 - and I would SOOOOO love to be able to park stuff in the cloud and NOT sync to the desktop in an effort to conserve HDD on my Mac (and keep the search churning at a livable speed). EVEN BETTER would be the ability (admin) for us to choose what to sync to each device. My iPad Pro has more storage than my MBP (cashed in miles, didn't win the lottery) - so on that device I don't care. My Win10 machine - well fast TB drives on windows is like buying an apple branded mouse - no big deal (but you focused on windows before Mac - wish someone there would remember who got you to where you are, and then realize if I need to upgrade my Win machine from 512 to 1tb - its takes like an hour and hundred bucks, upgrading a MBP takes time - enough to buy a lottery ticket, win, collect, then wait in line at the apple store)... I digress - COUNT MY VOTE FOR PRIORITIZING THIS...
  2. HEY - brilliant idea before EN goes bankrupt... Offer (at NO DISCOUNT) the option for those of us with tens of thousands of notes, the ability to use your software - with tags, notebooks, and search - THAT'S IT... Strip it of all the BS - and, I don't know, put two engineers and 3 more people on it for support - then at least you will have something reliable... You are more than welcome to add coffee maker (control) integration and chat - you know - a product that EVERY platform in the world has - and NO ONE USES... You should think about integrating the McDonalds app - that way the hundred million users can order a Big Mac from their PC - or phone - or tablet... WAIT - there is an app that does that MUCH BETTER - so why would a company whose CORE-COMPETENCY is organization get mixed up in such a debacle -WHO KNOWS... I'd love to turn my Mac on - go to evernote and search for something with out it syncing, then stall, then syncing some more, then glitching and freezing, then (finally) NOT displaying relevant search results... YEAH, (later part) - I GET THAT EVERY DAY... Support suggests I should reload it. Done that twice (with 50gb - its great fun)... Thank god my CHAT works - otherwise I'd be able to do something effective with my data - but instead I just need to troll around looking for a lonely friend who - too - can't do anything because the core competency of the software was overlooked in release 5... So - strip it down to the basics - HELL - I'd even pay MORE for it. I've paid you for over 10 years - and this product - MAC / IOS - you know the product you started with - functions like dog *****... (starred out for the wood staring with P, with a double "O" in the middle, and another P at the end - probably spent hours of engineering time to star out a word most 3 year olds use - GREAT ALLOCATION OF RESOURCES... THANK GOD EN went out and got an MBA CEO - who has HUGE ideas... Now that you are wasting your efforts on BS - its only a matter of time until Google or Apple mirror your product - and then I'll be able to congratulate you on being a driver of the market (wait - that already happened, so what are you know?)... I hear EV 9.0.01 will be excellent...
  3. OK so I've updated to Version 7.0.2 (456267 App Store) Editor: 1.38.3824 (68bd1c0) (still 10.13.3 for MacOS). ITS HORRIBLE... Ive come to realize it is only during times of sync (which seems to be 50% of the time). I've plugged directly in - and I've run side by side changes on the SAME account - and the MAC is like a hypochondriac - looking for syncing and that STUPID spinning color wheel... I've done it next door, I've done it at corporate office plugged into a BIG pipe - makes no difference. I've now got a second Mac - MacBook (2017, i5, 8gb,256gb) - and it does the SAME THING. After playing with it (this is my traveling partner).- I REMOVED EN. Why waste so much drive space on something that crashes and can't search for the letter Z... What the hell happened to the company... I used to (back in my PC days) get upset as all the new/cool features were on IOS.- how times have changed. I've moved the majority of the 'important and regularly accessed' items to 'Notes' - as it syncs IMMEDIATELY on all my IOS devices (something I though EN would do)... So my question to EN - will you fix the search one of these days... (or perhaps it a function of the sync - I DON'T KNOW - but on two machines in four different places - what - we think its my Mac's - both of them?) - hell - LIE TO ME FOR NOW TILL YOU CAN FIGURE A WAY TO MAKE THIS PARTIALLY WORK. So my question to the MAC users - any reasonable alternatives - of have you found other items which can fulfill some of the functionality so you are not tied to EN. THIS IS THE ONLY SOFTWARE THAT WORKS WORSE ON A MAC - of all my troubles in my switch - ONLY EVERNOTE sucks on Mac - and its the one I would have bet the farm would have worked better. RANT>>>>. just in case someone in the crystal tower actually cares! For note taking I've been with GoodNotes - since EN decided to ***** those of us who paid for styluses they recommended. No biggy right? I terminated the accounts of three LLCs that day - and I made all my reps (1099) go the personal route and quit paying for them - so yes - few bucks EN lost. Now you are threatening my basic archiving ability. I pay for a commercial license for Microsoft - and there are those who love OneNote. I pay for a full Adobe suite - no idea what they have - but their stuff does work. I pay for dropbox, I pay for google, I pay I pay I pay - and yet - I still - EVEN NOW - defend EN... I started with you around your inception - I've paid you ever since. The note taking pissed me off - and I ended the accounts we used for white boarding because of it - but I always held onto a couple of accounts which I used for archiving. This issue is enough to sever our relationship - and if you haven't seen the WRITING on the wall - its a TREND and one you don't need. I'd suggest you don't loose site of your core-competency - because when you do - you will loose guys like me - who perhaps aren't paying you over $100/mo - but my advertising has gained you a thousand accounts. Every small biz owner I meet - asked about that app I'm searching records on - and I go into my spiel - spending MORE time selling EN than my product. I hope someone there pulls their head out of their butt that is high enough up to see the issue here. I'm tired of EXCUSES that I'm the moron who doesn't know how to do something.
  4. Sorry... I'm in between things so limited to do much... Version 6.13.3 (456166 App Store) Editor: 1.30.3433 (fec246b) High Sierra 10.13.3 OBVIOUSLY - I don't want to quite EN - but maintaining a PC just for EN - UG... I KNEW/KNOW something just isn't right. I did a side by side last night of Acrobat making a form, and then a quick 1080 rendering - NIGHT AND DAY - the Mac is about a zillion times faster. OK - internet.. I do the same PENN search - lightening fast. I turn the internet back on - it immediately syncs (30 sec) - then I search again - 22 second and a sync and a spinning wheel...
  5. Side by side its not even remotely close. Old Fujitsu T580 (its old - like 8yr - i5/4gb/fast ssd) and it blows away MacBook Pro (2017 i7 quad, 16gb, 1tb pcie) with 760gb left on the ssd. I've reloaded twice and that gets old... Evernote is the ONLY issue on my transition to Mac. I've kept a small notebook with EN because this (so far) has proven - less than helpful. I assume there are very few out there who use both - I figured there was NO WAY an miniature laptop from 2008 could even dream of keeping up with the new Mac - but its the exact opposite. I search a simple string... Like PENN (as it penn station receipt) and the Mac takes 27 seconds and returns many stalls (displays notes - but not ones related to the search) and then I get the colorful spinning wheel - then it pops and displays results of 347 notes (and immediately begins to sync)... The Fujitsu - 7 seconds, period - no sync, no BS, just results. I get the spinning colorful wheel all the time - I get syncing all the time... If I need to reload again (UG) that's fine - but is there anything I can do to settle the syncing and the spinning wheel...
  6. OK - so last November I finally had enough (conflicts and viruses and hardware failures). I returned my third new dell (in 10 days) for full refund and "INVESTED" into the Apple eco system. I've always had a top of the line iPad and an iPhone (they JUST WORK). I've since acquired MacBook Pro, time port extreme thingy, and about a dozen other Mac 'funny named' things... Work requires Windows - so I opted for Parallels (vs. boot camp) and it works great. So - through all the utilization of Adobe products (subscribed to CC), Microsoft office, and several others - the ONLY disappointment has been - EVERNOTE. Now forgive my brashness - but WHO IN GOD'S GREEN EARTH DESIGNED THIS so differently than the Windows... IT SUCKS - nothing less. I've got some low something or another number (per EN support) - been using this forever (it seems)... When they trashed the Pen product - I reviewed my options for note taking and LEFT EN for GoodNotes (and with no regrets). I did stay for EN (in General) - and the last PC iteration in NOV I liked. I've always had ghost note issues - but assumed that was par for the course. Win product was more than useful - it was special. I worked GREAT - a moment or two and I could find what I was looking for. Just like that. MAC - GOOD LORD - what could this thing possibly be syncing - NON STOP - and the SEARCH - rename it GUESS please - or USE ME TO FREEZE THIS... Functionally - I am for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE looking for an alternative - as EN on the MAC is a waste. I'm methodical - I'm analytical. I'm organized. Perhaps that means (in EN's eyes) I am a PC person - but I'm all Mac now - and after just THREE short months - GOD himself couldn't talk me into going back to the dark side... MACS work. Yes I paid more than double what an associated PC would have cost by comparison (i7 quad, 16gb, 1tb, 15.4") but I've NEVER had a PC perform 1/3 as good as this thing - its exceptional. And before you Windows numb-nutts decide to chime in - the Dell I returned was over $4000 for a laptop - and it replaced the ASUS ROG - it too was a great disappointment (I do NOT game - I do edit and have several power-hungry number crunching items so I opt for the very best hardware - for which most manufacturers - through offering 50 different options - don't fully test compatibility - and, well, FAIL). So I've two questions... One - am I missing something - as I (inherently) go at EN much like I used it on a PC - DIRECTLY - and for the most part - EN is just a huge filing cabinet with basic optical searching enabled. TWO - (and imminently more important) Is this known - and will it get fixed... YES I didn't give specifics - why - because the whole damn thing works significantly worse vs. PC. I need something - on my PC I type it in - and I've found it in seconds. SAME DATABASE. On the MAC - it needs to sync (which lasts and lasts and lasts - and heaven forbid a mouse farts - it re-syncs), and then it freezes a bit, and then it displays garbage - side by side the search engine does NOT provide the same result (WTF?). I need to upload something - no problem on the PC - dump it in the upload file - done. On the Mac - you can make an upload file - but then it automatically opens EN and then EN needs to sync (again) and now you are dead in the water until its satisfied... My MAC runs circles around my old PC - but the old PC runs circles around the Mac running EN. I do NOT want to run this on a VM (parallels) as it would have to run all the time - I use Win 10% of the time - and when running it eats up memory, hard drive, and processor power, as its allocated exclusively. And one last note - I certainly hope any solution is not (AGAIN AND AGAIN) 'delete everything and start fresh' - aka - kill it all then leave the unit run for three days... I think (last check) my database is 150gb or so - fast connection or not - it takes a while. Third question in the case the last two are hopeless - any good solutions on a Mac?
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