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  1. Appreciate the heads up that it's unmonitored (gazumped). iOS is my main concern for search though - when on-site and writing a check - I need access to information stored in my Evernote - and quickly. Current iOS is almost unusable and not nearly as reliable as the client 10 years ago. My first two accounts date to mid 2008. This specific account still here is 12/9/2008. It has a LOT of stuff in it. My average note (file) is at least >20mb and is encompassed with mixture of combined file types from PDF to image to document to spreadsheet. EN used to fly through them pre 2015, but now its not even worth opening EN on the iPad - it doesn't find everything - and churns on and on. Mac still work 90% - the windows machine does about 1/2 the time - phones NEVER work and I have three - all pros... In the olden days (pre - baggage) I could search for PENN and it would QUICKLY pull anything with the string and all the image files of PENN STATION off the image. Does not work on iPad Pro anymore, forget about the phone, and takes its time on windows. This used to be how I showed off the product when someone asked about it - these days I'm embarrassed to even attempt (snails pace). In the olden days I could search HO 05 30 05 11 and MA or Massachusetts and get details related to the specific endorsement in that state - which is often linked to court cases I have stored inside the file - rendering an fairly quick answer to what I need (and money to a displaced family). I used to be able to search court cases for Florida when there for hurricanes - it crawls now. In December I searched Ueberschaer (as in a court case that pushed upstream) as a reference point to allow for monies to be forwarded - it found NOTHING on the iPad Pro next to my seat mounted. Tried it on the iPad mini - it too found nothing. Booted up the Mac and it found it. Yep, that only added 10 minutes - and when you are working your 70th day in a row from dawn to well past midnight - it's an irritation. Perhaps a function of the size of my database - but never had a problem until they started all this chat, scheduling, and sharing and such. I choose EN because of the 'any file' search on any device - and it was exceptional. Perhaps the future of EN and AI might see this improved - and I'm not worried about the cost - I just hate seeing a company that was so solid - now trying to become all things to all people. As I said before - I'm almost all Apple products - because they NEVER forget their core competency - before piling on stuff. If search isn't rock solid in iOS - everything else is just fluff. Searching a string on the Mac vs the IPP should NEVER have nay difference in the results - ever! When I joined they pushed stuff like remember everything... Now, it may have it in there - but finding it (remembering it) has become a challenge. I already have a source of information that doesn't search so well with only brief moments of recollection - it's called my brain. I would love to move off the platform because I think they prioritize sizzle over the actual steak (like most profit driven companies) - and sooner or later that will blow up in their face (you have both been here long enough to remember a few speed bumps) - but how do you move near a TB of information - not too many choices - especially if you have a real job - so I turned here in hopes some Demi-god level poster might have a ray of sunshine suggesting they will all least shore up the search function - always landing with EXACTLY the same results a the desktop and SPEED IT UP.
  2. I've been here (and paying) for longer than most - and although I continue to be here (paying) it's really only a function of no easy way out. Very frustrated by the marketing directives that have changed the core competencies of the original software. I like EN for the basics - scan to PDF (PERIOD - the business card ***** is the most frustrating - how bout you guys give me SIMPLE instead of this error ridden marketing driven junk)... Archive (two level hierarchy) and search (visual and text). Email it in or load onto a folder and import - END. SIMPLE and WORKS.. You cannot compete with Goodnotes (and seemingly don't see value in buying them and dumping the penultimate that I've tried at least a dozen times - and every time end back with Goodnotes - it never crashes, never loses anything - is organized and functional). It's SIMPLE and WORKS. Chat - for what - if I'm going to have an in-house chat - it's gonna be on MY servers (or at least in my control - DUH)... No offense - but you cannot even compete with MS teams - so why are you bothering??? Sharing - with whom exactly - someone you can blast to use your software - are you kidding me. I once shared with myself (different email on a machine that didn't have EN) and you guys blasted me with marketing - I'll NEVER do that again. Don't know (nor care) about the other "FEATURES" aka marketing fluff. In the late 2000s you were a searchable database - two tier hierarchy - visually driven - good UI - and FAST search. Revolutionary. If I had to describe you today - it's more like in the midst of civil strife - with no idea what you really want to be and ABSOLUTLY no idea what your core competency is. HOW BOUT SIMPLE - back to your roots. I'm even willing to pay double or triple what I pay now - but for GOD's sake let me turn off all the $&*T you have added in that has absolutely NOTHING to do with your core competency. When I log in - let me see MY DEFAULT SCREEN - you know - what I saw for the first 10 or so years and not some social networked infused artistic and WORTHLESS landing page - just SIMPLE and WORKS... Eliminate the baggage - you used to be FAST - you are not anymore - why - just guessing but all the ***** you have piled onto the core competency eats away at any speed you once had... I don't remember the last time I asked someone to charge me MORE for less - but for me it would make your software more usable and stable - and that would be worth more... As it stands - if anyone covered the core competency and figured a way to export / import easily (I don't have time) - I'd have been gone. At one point I had four business accounts and one personal - all but one is gone - why - because it failed the SIMPLE and WORKS test. Loyalty was something that was earned when you PROTECTED that which got you here. You didn't value it - so I'm certainly not feeling any guilt towards the lack of enthusiasm that you might actually care - let alone fix this. Feature request - LET ME - the CUSTOMER - turn off all the stuff I think is WASTING MY TIME - ALL OF IT, and if you can let me eliminate the God forsaken business card scanner (do you really have cards - do you have a VCR too, how bout a pager?) and default to a PDF ALWAYS - you know - SIMPLE and WORKS. Wanna know why APPLE is #1 - my 74 y/o mother cannot operate a TV remote - but she does magic on her iPHONE - why - SIMPLE and WORKS - for all the fluff why apple is so so so successful - the reality is you turn it on and it just WORKS (and it doesn't just work this year - its works for a decade). Perhaps you might see other paths are more profitable or more sensible - to which I wish you good luck, someone will be on you six at some point and blow by if you forget what got you here. I know the brass thinks they are smarter than me - and perhaps its true - but until you can prove it to me - all this JUNK you have forced on us over the years will continue to be viewed as a marketing driven cash grab. You want more money - OK - stabilize and make the software USER FRIENDLY again (you know - SIMPLE and WORKS), not workarounds and ideas that if I dump every other software my life at Evernote will be so much better. You are a tiny cog in a big machine. What's next - you going to bring out an email client and a word processor - better yet, what about a trend setting replacement for PDF - yeah - great. I don't care what you do - I would just like to return to the basics and NOTHING more. At some point, you will force this last account to leave (if I had the time to move and convert, I would have left years ago - that STUPID landing page - but with 19 devices I don't have time to set defaults - I need access to the basics and NOTHING more - SIMPLE and WORKS). And to all those who would disagree with me - if you didn't have an EN account prior to 2010 - keep it to yourself - you don't realize what this software was and what a revolution it was, and likely don't even understand the request. With new ownership come the opportunity they might actually value a veteran user of some 16-18 years now (paying). Or they will force me to leave at some point. Anyone know someone you can pay to convert to OneNote or notes (mac) - I've something like 35K in notes - it's a giant filing cabinet for me - and the basic functionality of the software has become so clouded - the value is in question - as I search for a string - and it provides nothing - but I go through manually and I find it (in the exact text I searched for)... With all the ***** they have piled onto this - the one thing I cannot forego is reliability. Certainly, hope the Italians see the issues - but at that level how the cow actually eats the cabbage rarely has impacts... Finger crossed (but still searching for alternative solutions).
  3. Did support ever get back to you. I've been here since the first year (always paid) and because they have become something different than what the core product used to be - I'm at the paid personal level - I've no use for 95% of what they focus on now. That said - paying what I pay a year to be bombarded with ads - Certainly draws attention towards finding an alternative.
  4. I have active contracts from the early 2000's in there - and although they are linked/grouped with hand written notes, typed notes, and links - its an archival. Perhaps you are correct - the masses of users just erase their files annually - I've 31K files - most are merged with approx 20 or so files (keeping things together). I've a file size in excess of 250gb. I put everything into Evernote - notes, links, screenshots, and an abundance of PDFs - most annotated. I regularly search and pull up the notes/files - daily at least 20 times... Thats was Evernote is to me - yes I have all my notes and annotations - but ultimately its about quickly finding what you are looking for and being able to link off to related items in you database. Thats notes - all my notes for all my ventures - you call it archival, I call it an escape from paper. As for taking notes - EN's Penultimate I used for years - but goodnotes and notability surpassed it 1/2 decade ago - but ultimately - my notes end up as PDFs in EN. I do have a Fujitsu scanner as well - of course their support of that has been lacking as well. However, 90% of my stuff come in electronic format (and the quality of the scans from a phone or iPad make the scanner sit dormant until you have a pile to work through). I've no problem paying 100/mo if it works - but lately it seems EN is trying to compete with the likes of Monday and slack while (trying) to outpace ulysses and notion. Each of those - like goodnotes - is a specific application that offers a SIMPLE solution with an EXCEPTIONAL user experience - not a list of workarounds. EN just seems to be obsessed with being all things - and in the end they are failing at what I see as their core competency. I was around when you threw it into EN - it was easily searched and easily linked. The 2012 version runs circles around what we currently have - that which I see as their core competency. You call it notes, I call it archival. It was NEVER meant to be a workgroup sharing app - it was an ORGANIZATIONAL TOOL for an individual. I digress, each request to support gets the same praise for my number, followed by suggested work-arounds. I'm just tired of them forgetting what it is they are supposed to be. I have ulysses, I have goodnotes, notability, apple notes, and notion. Evernote will NEVER replace them - but that is just my opinion. I'll likely shut up for three to five years, unless I find a simpler product that doesn't force me to use constant workarounds....
  5. Oh for god's sake - better than HALF the receipts or items like a check or money order AUTOMATICALLY convert to a business card. I've been here and PAYING for >10 years - I've watched COUNTLESS additions to the core competency - and honestly. - most create hassles... I use Evernote for archival storage, period - and I'd guess a mass majority of the users do the same. EN doesn't compete with current workgroup programs (not even close) - and yet I see further automation which simply COSTS me more time to fix. Perhaps it would be too much to ask - but I'd find it refreshing if you might remember us little guys that put you on the map (and paid you through some ridiculous updates). Loyalty is a two way street - and I believe you owe us to maintain at least the core competency - one place for all things - or something like that. I need to scan something - and it show up as a PDF. I've not had a physical business card - nor received one in well over 5 yrs - but yet EVERY couple of scannable items - I'm wasting time doing a screenshot (at much less resolution) and creating a new note and deleting the old... Today you don't have too many competitors - but they are creeping up. I've lost track of when I first subscribed (think 16 yrs ago) - and this year is the first time I'm scouring YouTube for alternatives - because it seems you have lost your way. EASY IN, EASY to sort - that is what kept me here and happy for many years. This idiotic idea that the masses are scanning in business cards and therefore you set the thresholds such that the scannable image defaults to a biz card - REALLY? Most money orders I'm scanning are commercial check size - and yet more than half are interpreted (and stored) as a dinky 2X3 - that is an issue. Scannable - snap the shot and import into my import folder - I don't need to name it - perhaps crop - but NOTHING ELSE - scannable is a TOOL to support EN, NOT A PRODUCT - and you people keep adding ***** to it that takes away from the core competency. Its easy to use a competitor's and simply email the scan in - you used to be the BEST - simply and quick - now I have twelve thousand options (NONE I've ever wanted or used) and it makes you SLOW and looks like your are grasping for straws for more business, while you ignore why most people are here. Snap a shot of a receipt or contract or whatever - convert to pdf and import to my import folder... That worked - but today - its NO WHERE NEAR that simple. Along the same lines - why on earth would you delete the import folder for Mac - (don't need an answer - it was idiotic, and simply made EN less useful - call it strike one). At the rate you are going (ruining functional items I rely on), the end in nearing.
  6. I've been quiet for years, but on this one I'll chime in... MBP15 (2017) with 512 - and this has become an issue (since 2018) - for the first time - EN is not my primary source for information. Don't get me wrong - I still use it - but cannot afford to eat up 120GB-180GB of HDD not the Mac. This feature would put EN back at my go-to and allow me to STOP paying for bland cloud space (hence - I'd pay more). I am just a premium since 2007 - and I would SOOOOO love to be able to park stuff in the cloud and NOT sync to the desktop in an effort to conserve HDD on my Mac (and keep the search churning at a livable speed). EVEN BETTER would be the ability (admin) for us to choose what to sync to each device. My iPad Pro has more storage than my MBP (cashed in miles, didn't win the lottery) - so on that device I don't care. My Win10 machine - well fast TB drives on windows is like buying an apple branded mouse - no big deal (but you focused on windows before Mac - wish someone there would remember who got you to where you are, and then realize if I need to upgrade my Win machine from 512 to 1tb - its takes like an hour and hundred bucks, upgrading a MBP takes time - enough to buy a lottery ticket, win, collect, then wait in line at the apple store)... I digress - COUNT MY VOTE FOR PRIORITIZING THIS...
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