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  1. I've been quiet for years, but on this one I'll chime in... MBP15 (2017) with 512 - and this has become an issue (since 2018) - for the first time - EN is not my primary source for information. Don't get me wrong - I still use it - but cannot afford to eat up 120GB-180GB of HDD not the Mac. This feature would put EN back at my go-to and allow me to STOP paying for bland cloud space (hence - I'd pay more). I am just a premium since 2007 - and I would SOOOOO love to be able to park stuff in the cloud and NOT sync to the desktop in an effort to conserve HDD on my Mac (and keep the sea
  2. HEY - brilliant idea before EN goes bankrupt... Offer (at NO DISCOUNT) the option for those of us with tens of thousands of notes, the ability to use your software - with tags, notebooks, and search - THAT'S IT... Strip it of all the BS - and, I don't know, put two engineers and 3 more people on it for support - then at least you will have something reliable... You are more than welcome to add coffee maker (control) integration and chat - you know - a product that EVERY platform in the world has - and NO ONE USES... You should think about integrating the McDonalds app - that way
  3. OK so I've updated to Version 7.0.2 (456267 App Store) Editor: 1.38.3824 (68bd1c0) (still 10.13.3 for MacOS). ITS HORRIBLE... Ive come to realize it is only during times of sync (which seems to be 50% of the time). I've plugged directly in - and I've run side by side changes on the SAME account - and the MAC is like a hypochondriac - looking for syncing and that STUPID spinning color wheel... I've done it next door, I've done it at corporate office plugged into a BIG pipe - makes no difference. I've now got a second Mac - MacBook (2017, i5, 8gb,256gb) - and it does th
  4. Sorry... I'm in between things so limited to do much... Version 6.13.3 (456166 App Store) Editor: 1.30.3433 (fec246b) High Sierra 10.13.3 OBVIOUSLY - I don't want to quite EN - but maintaining a PC just for EN - UG... I KNEW/KNOW something just isn't right. I did a side by side last night of Acrobat making a form, and then a quick 1080 rendering - NIGHT AND DAY - the Mac is about a zillion times faster. OK - internet.. I do the same PENN search - lightening fast. I turn the internet back on - it immediately syncs (30 sec) - then I search again - 22 second
  5. Side by side its not even remotely close. Old Fujitsu T580 (its old - like 8yr - i5/4gb/fast ssd) and it blows away MacBook Pro (2017 i7 quad, 16gb, 1tb pcie) with 760gb left on the ssd. I've reloaded twice and that gets old... Evernote is the ONLY issue on my transition to Mac. I've kept a small notebook with EN because this (so far) has proven - less than helpful. I assume there are very few out there who use both - I figured there was NO WAY an miniature laptop from 2008 could even dream of keeping up with the new Mac - but its the exact opposite. I search a simple string.
  6. OK - so last November I finally had enough (conflicts and viruses and hardware failures). I returned my third new dell (in 10 days) for full refund and "INVESTED" into the Apple eco system. I've always had a top of the line iPad and an iPhone (they JUST WORK). I've since acquired MacBook Pro, time port extreme thingy, and about a dozen other Mac 'funny named' things... Work requires Windows - so I opted for Parallels (vs. boot camp) and it works great. So - through all the utilization of Adobe products (subscribed to CC), Microsoft office, and several others - the ONLY disa
  7. I'll re-post from another... If you want some admirable frustrations... From the 'start' screen - upper left hand corner is a silhouette of a person - click on that... Next - click on settings, then second option down... HAVE A RAG HANDY - as once you begin to use and note the stuff your palm causes - and the delay and offset of the actual inking - you will utilize some FINE verbiage for which is usually accompanied by spit - and the rag is to wipe the screen off... Nothing like a $75-$100 paperweight!!! Don't worry - its only been a MONTH since they royally screwed this up - I'm sure
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