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  1. Yes, this is driving me crazy as well. I had to turn off "suggested note titles", but unfortunately it shows "untitled note" every time. I'm using: iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.3 Evernote Build Note that on the Windows Desktop version, the title DOES use the first words of your note as the title
  2. Shepherd, what if we just want to use the first line of our note as the title? I turned off the "suggested note titles" feature, but now I get "Untitled Note" every time. The Windows Desktop creates a title from the first line of text in my note, can the iPhone app do this as well?? iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.3 Evernote Build
  3. I just had the same thing happen to me with a spreadsheet I was updating daily. It probably is sync related I'll admit. Good news though, I was able to find my attachment by going into: TOOLS > OPTIONS. Then in the General tab there is a link at the bottom of the window "Open Database Folder". Sure enough, there's a temp folder called attachments and a backup of the file was there. Note, it was labeled" blahblah.xlsx.backup so I made a copy of the file and removed .backup. That easy, I had my file back. Not saying this will work every time since I believe these are temp folders, but it saved me. Hope it helps. I'm using a PC btw.
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