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updated Evernote login screen does not integrate with my password manager (1Password)

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As recommended, I use complex multi-character passwords - this is only possible because I use a password manager.   The new login screen  is one of the very few apps that does not provide integration with my password manger for authentication.  The update added multiple time consuming steps.

To logon now I have to: open evernote > type in my ID, open my password manager in a seperate tab (with two factor authentication!) > find my password for Evernote > paste it into evernote.  please advise

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My login works with 1 Password, and I have no issue at all.

Open EN, get the login screen, open 1PW (if it is not already open), and for me (on my Macs) it offers to fill the user ID. I need to choose, I have more than one account,

On enter the password field is showing, same procedure, password fills by itself. Enter again.

If 2FA is enabled, I now need a second app, because IMHO it contradicts TWO factor authentication to have it all in ONE app. So I need to type 6 digits. Enter and done.

EN uses the cloaked password field to avoid a specific type of brute forcing that is called „Spraying“. This method drops a high number of trials on the login pages of the target. To avoid being locked out, they attack a single account only every several minutes, but circulate the attack over many vectors. The classical brute force detection may be outmaneuvered.

The way EN shows the password field only after a valid (!) user name has been entered effectively prevents spraying to be successful. If you are security oriented, you should welcome this move.

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Hi.  I'm not sure I understand why Evernote is at fault here - I use Bitwarden (another password manager),  which automatically pastes my log in details where it sees a request for that information,  and will add my password when that prompt comes up.  Obviously with 2FA there is additional traffic,  but I'd rather have the (slight) inconvenience than a security lapse.  The  process is becoming standard across the internet,  so any website you use whicih requires a login will probably require the same keystrokes...

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