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Auto-scroll option For Evernotes

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(sorry for my english, cause i'm french)

I have a suggestion for improvement for evernotes.

There should be an automatic auto-scroll feature in evernotes.

Ideal for speeches, musicians, ect..

All existing browser plugins auto-scroll are not compatible with evernotes.
This function should be integrated.
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Thanks for pointing to a possible use case.

Have you tried on one of the installed clients, or on the web client ?

Personally I would not give a presentation using the web client. It has no offline capability, so if in the middle of the speech the internet fails, you will have to do the rest without your write up.

I think I would rather opt for something like PowerPoint or Keynote, having Speakers notes as integral part of a presentation. Even if you don’t show the presentation life, you can use the speakers notes.

Or use software made for teleprompters.

You can send any proposal to EN using the feedback function. Personally I doubt they will implement a feature with such a narrow scope. But one never knows.

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