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How to importe an entire Evernote folder in a wordpress remote site?

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Hi.  Please remove your email address from the post - this is a public forum. Are you looking to import a remotely stored ENEX file into your own Evernote account,  or export a notebook from that account to Wordpress?

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4 hours ago, charenton said:

export my Evernotebig Notebook to world press or others ....

OK - that would be mainly copy and paste then.  Evernote will export notes to HTML,  and there are third-party services to publish pages as PDF or Epub books,  or a blog.

Export notes and notebooks as ENEX or HTML

Export notes as a PDF



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If you're asking whether Evernote owns Postach.io,  they do not.  Postach.io is a separate third-party developer who have (I think) set up a link to Evernote's API that allows them to link a feed from one or more chosen notebooks to separate blogs/ websites to update the content. 

The developer has no access to any other parts of your Evernote account than your chosen notebook(s),  and updating is purely automatic.

Just to add to @agsteele's comment - I believe you can set up a small number of notebooks as separate 'blog/ sites' within the free access.  Subscribers can extend this,  and  get access to additional features such as password protection of sites.

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