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Won't sync

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I have the Awesome Note 2 app on my iPhone and it will not sync with the web version of Evernote.  It has always synced in the past and it has done so automatically.  The most recent notes on the web version are from a few months ago (Aug 2022) so it has not synced since then.  Now when i try to sync manually from the app, the little circle spins but the recent notes do not show up on the web version.  Does the Awesome Note 2 app still work with the web based Evernote??    I have followed all the help topics I could find and have been working on this for 3 hours with no success.  I have the free version.  

I have:

deleted all the notes in "Trash"

verified internet connection

restarted the app and the computer

I have NOT uninstalled the app because I will lose many many notes because they have not synced in the last 3 months.  


Please help.  

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Hi.  Unless someone else uses Awesome Note and can comment,  I can only suggest that you talk to their support.  They're presumably connecting to Evernote's API somehow,  but if they're using anything other than an 'official' channel Evernote's recent development may have broken the link.

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They?  Meaning Awesome Note?  So, I thought awesome note was the iPhone version and Evernote was the more basic version that was used on non-iPhones?  Or is that wrong?  Because I had an Android phone once and Awesome note was not available for it.  Only Evernote was available on it and it was much more basic of an app.  

In any case, I can't talk to anyone, or email anyone for help because I am not a paying user.  I have the free version and the only support available to me is the forum, apparently.

I have only two devices linked to my account, which is the maximum you can have with the free version.    I'm not sure what changed in August but that is the last time it synced.  

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Awesome note obviously has nothing to do with EN, different developer and all.

If anybody has questions about it, it should contact the Awesome support to get some awesome answers to their questions.

It tells something about syncing to EN - then this is a function completely designed and released by Awesome, not officially supported by EN. If it fails, Awesome may or may not fix it. I think most users here in the EN forum couldn't care less about it.

The version history of that Awesome thing tells it is now (!) optimized for iPhone X and iOS 12. What a laugh - we have iPhone 14 and iOS 16. This means the last release reached the awesome public 4 YEARS back.

Knock, Knock, anybody at home ???

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