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I create a note almost daily in a notebook called Journal.  Is there a way to make those nite appear chronologically?  In other words they would remain searchable but always remain in their chronological spot instead of once accessed then appearing at the top of the list.

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Sorry, I'm a long time, but basic user. It didn't occur to me it would be device or OS sensitive.  My bad!  Device is my Samsung S21+ primarily, but also an old iPad and a Windows 11HP laptop.

I have not looked at created dates.  The title is the date, does that do anything for me?  I've not "sorted into order."

I would like for the note to just stay in its place chronologically even when searched. I just didn't know if that was even possible. 

In the past I've searched notebooks and wharever notebook had the information I was searching for then remained on top.  I would like it to go back to its chronological place in the file 

Thanks ....


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Hmmn.  If you're not a subscriber,  you should be aware that there's a tighter 2 device limit on access,  and the web (browser based) version counts as one of those two.  So if you're accessing on three devices you'd probably be best off using the web access on your laptop and iPad (I think that counts as one device) and the installed app on the Galaxy.  I'll attach some information on the web service and the device limit in case you have problems.  Check out the icons in the 'All Notes' window on eth web service to find the 'sort by' options.  Sadly this is not a set and forget option - you'll need to resort the window each time you use it.

What's new in Evernote Web – Evernote Help & Learning

Understanding the device limit

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3 hours ago, uked34 said:

The title is the date, does that do anything for me?

It should be possible to sort the notes by title. Look for a 3-dot menu at top right. If your notes are titled something like 2022-11-16, 2022-11-17, etc. sorting them by title should preserve the sequence. See this Help article on sorting: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313628.

I'm not quite sure why @gazumped has gazumped off into device limits, but I think the title sort would be the key to this.

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