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ebook support and integration

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Hi.  Any ebook (or any other) file format can be attached to a note,  and opened in any suitable ebook software that is installed on the same device.  Notations can't be saved directly into Evernote,  but if - like with Kindle - notations can be saved in PDF (or some other) document format,  those files could also be attached to a note. 

Since it's possible to annotate image and PDF files,  more can be done with those types of files than most others.  Annotate images and PDFs

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So I can attach the ebook as a file to a note within Evernote? But it won't open or read it?

Will it download the attachment every time I click on it or only on a new device?

How can I get my notations and highlights from Kobo device into Evernote?

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We don't seem to have much Kobo expertise here - I'd suggest you ask https://help.kobo.com/hc/en-us how you can best export books and/ or notes to PDF or another document format. 

Evernote can import .ENEX files as notes,  or can import pretty much any other file format as an attachment to a note.  Attached files will open in whichever default parent app is installed on your device to deal with such files.  'Kobo' book files might open in that app if you have it installed. 

Evernote doesn't have a specific integration for any individual ereader but a general internet search might give you some tips - like...

Extracting my Kobo highlights and integrating them with Evernote and Readwise | Chez Pierre (postach.io)

Kobo and Evernote : kobo (reddit.com)


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After more research it seems that if you want this in an automated fashion there is only one way.


Koreader -> Readwise -> Evernote

This way will allow you to export all annotations from any ebook pdf to Readwise which will then send to your Evernote. 

Koreader USED to be able to directly export to Evernote but it seems Evernote API change couple of years ago put an end to that.


Another option is

Readwise -> Evernote

This is using the default built in reader. The limitation here is that it will ONLY work for official Kobo store purchased titles and not sideloaded content. October, a companion app, would allow for some sideloaded but then it's back to cable plug in....




Last option is

Manual methods


These involve manually exporting your annotations via plugged cable to your PC and then from there kobonotes/October/Ko highlight export plugin, to further process it into Evernote.

Koreader also exports to html, markdown, text. Which you could then manually try to import yourself into Evernote.

Not automated.

Not truly wireless.





So the only wireless and automated way seems to be

Koreader -> Readwise -> Evernote.


One would need to pay $8/month for Readwise to be able to use the export to Evernote feature.

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