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without getting into advanced searching, is there a way to archive a note and hide it from search results?

to give a little more info, i use evernote for a movie podcast. lets say i make a note with all my notes for the episode on Halloween Ends. Then I finish my episode on Halloween Ends. I want to keep that note for future reference, BUT 9 times out of 10, I'm not going to need it to show up in a search for "halloween" because it's very rare I'd ever need to go back to it. Rather than have to do some complicated search for halloween and not that note, I'd rather just tag it to be hidden from searches.

any way to accomplish this?

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... or move that note to the trash. Trash can be searched, but only when going there to search it specifically.

Downside: If you empty the trash, this note will be gone with all the others. And this is final, no recovery possible. Happened to me with my secret plan for world domination  - one moment of horror, and it was gone - sigh - so I still have to lurk around here 😩

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