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My e-mail account expired. How can I log into Evernote?


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Haven't logged in in a while, so I need to verify my identity by clicking a link in a mail that's sent to me. The problem is that the e-mail account that I'm using with Evernote has expired because I haven't used it in a long time. Is there a way I can change the e-mail address associated with my account?


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1 hour ago, nhub said:

I'm not able log in because I'm getting this screen

OK - check the bottom of that link for the section headed:  "If you no longer have access to your account's email address"...

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Darnit - apologies I was apparently looking at a different help sheet!  

If you no longer have access to your account's email address

  1. Click here to open a support ticket.
  2. Select 'Continue as guest'.
  3. In the explanation box, write out your current and any previous email addresses. Do NOT include passwords.
  4. Indicate whether you've ever had a paid subscription to Evernote. If you have, attach a payment receipt for that subscription. You may have this in you email or in your iTunes, PayPal, or Google Play account. If you used a gift code to upgrade your account, please let us know the code as we may be able to use it to verify your account.
  5. Enter your username if you know it.
  6. Enter your current email address.
  7. Submit your ticket.

Or:  What @PinkElephant said...

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