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Sooooo sad that I accidentally delate a note (empty the trash) that I keep editing for 7 years...

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it's so hurt! There's a note that I keep editing for around 7 years. And I try to edit it a bit more just 10 mins ago on my laptop, Im a bit confused cause i saw 3 exactly same notes show up, so I thought i can delete 2 of them and keep 1 to make it organize. Then I move them to trash and empty the trash, then as soon as I come back to the note page(the one i kept) it starts loading, and then it's gone. ALL GONE...................

I couldn't get it back, and i don't even know why this things happened, why there are 3 exactly same notes, why I delete 2 and the other one is been delete as well.....

7 years....that note is all the reason why i still use evernote..... I guess it's time to say goodbye.......


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Hello, and welcome to the forums. We are other users here, not Evernote staff, but we can offer some suggestions.

There have been many reports here of notes being unexpectedly duplicated, and that may be what happened in your case. Deleting two copies was good, emptying the trash was a little premature, unfortunately. If the one note that remained, and is now blank, was in fact the original note, it's history will still be available. Note history is maintained for all notes, but is only accessible for paid subscribers. If you are not a subscriber, you could pay for just one month, and then check the note history to see if your information is there. If it is, you can recover whatever was the most recent complete version.

However, if the original note was one of the ones that were emptied from the trash, then it is probably gone for good. Each note has its own unique identifying number, and note histories are associated with those numbers. A note that suddenly appeared as a duplicate would have no history earlier than that point, and if it became blank, the note history might also contain only the blank note.

In any case, checking the note history would be your best chance to recover the information. I hope that this is some help.

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This type of thing has happened to me before.  Currently I wait until there are a couple of hundred notes in my Trash before I empty it.  There really is nothing to be gained by compulsively emptying the trash and there are a lot of errors that could be avoided by not doing that.  Once you delete the trash there is no way to restore the note.

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12 hours ago, idoc said:

  Once you delete the trash there is no way to restore the note.

Unless you regularly backup your notes in both ENEX and  HTML format (html is easier in case of a single note recovery).

I also backup my full evernote database at once by synchronizing the local database of my legacy client. Of course, in case of lost notes you should first unplug your network before opening the legacy client to retrieve the lost note from your local database.

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