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Import infoselect notes



I am sure there was an option on older version of Evernote to import Infoslect notes. As I am retiring Infoselect I can't seem to find an import option. Does anyone have a process to import an Infoselect file or notes into Evernote? I have thousands of notes I need to move so cut and paste is too hard. 

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The only way I can imagine being able to do this, assuming that InfoSelect doesn't export to ENEX, will be to find a means to export to some other format then find a program that will then convert to ENEX.

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I would try to export a few notes from Infoselect, zip them and see if I can import them into EN, and how they will show. Play with the options !

The base line option is to keep the old app as an archive, export only what I really want (if necessary as pdf) and start all new stuff in EN.

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