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All Data Missing on Wife’s Phone after Phone Upgrade



We switched to T-Mobile yesterday from AT&T and my wife got an iPhone 14 Pro upgrade. Everything was fine until she tried Evernote (free version) and discovered all of her notes were missing. She had two accounts but she said one was empty and it turns out both are.  No data in the web or on the new phone.

I restored an earlier backup this morning on the iPhone from iCloud before phone conversion and still no data.

We are getting up in years and she had some pretty important information.

My migration went fine and I experienced no data loss.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. 



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Hi, and welcome to the forums. The most common reason for this sort of thing is accidentally creating a new, empty account by signing in with different username/password than the what was used to create the original account. Check the login carefully and be sure you're using the same credentials as before. If that doesn't do it, you may need to raise a support ticket at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

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We triple checked that - she did have two accounts and both are empty.  Once was created by accident. We also checked a 3rd email  and that one does not have an Evernote account.

We both got new phones and mine came up fine after restore from backup but hers did not.  Account names and passwords were in the Apple password vault so we are confident it was one of two accounts.

SInce she is using the free  version we cannot open a ticket.

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…. EN does not restore from a backup when switching devices. It will download a fresh copy from the server - which in case of mobile is not the full load, it is just some note data and search metadata.

If you spend on 2 new iPhones, you probably are now too short of resources to pay for a month of Personal ? If not this would be the sure way to get the attention of support, plus an unlock of the devices situation. Both could help with the situation - sort of difficult for us users without an access to resources.

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