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Add Task without time on IOS

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Whenever I add a task on IOS and then add date it automatically adds the time as the time task is created. I do not need the time on tasks as most are date specific but not time specific. Any suggestions on how to over ride time being added?

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  • Evernote Expert

I don't use an iOS device but in both the versions of Evernote that I use there is an option to turn off default reminder settings. On my Android device I access the Task menu option. Tap the three dot menu button. Select Task settings. Default task reminders - set to off.

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14 hours ago, Boot17 said:

I don't have to do anything to override the time being added... I have to specifically click the "Add time" button for the task to have a time on iOS.

@rmw Does yours look like this?



It does look like that but when I click on date it adds the current time to the date?

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