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The photo is not displayed when copying

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Hi.  To be clear,  are you saying that the image shows on your desktop but not on the other clients?  Given that 2MB (app) of image files need to sync with the server and then back down to the other clients,  how much time did you allow before looking for the images?

If they're still not showing in all clients - were these clipped or camera images?

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I will clarify. These are screenshots that I took on a computer using the scissor tool. I created a note and pasted these images into it over a period of time. Then at one point, Evernote showed that a note could be a maximum of 200 megabytes. Therefore, I decided to divide the information into several notes and started copying information (text, photos, documents) from the old note to the newly created one. All information was copied successfully, except for the photo content. As a result, the following error is displayed on all devices (computer, phone and web version):


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Thanks for the clarification.  Can you advise how big the original single large note was?  I'm thinking that if Evernote told you about maximum note sizes,  it was because you were close to or over the maximum size.  If that were the case,  the original images may never have been saved...

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3 hours ago, EvErNoTe__user said:

The first large note from which I transferred information was 191 megabytes in size.

Hmmn.  The 200MB limit is a restriction,  not a target!  Given the natural uncertainties of internet connections,  moving nearly 200MB of data to the server,  and from there to any other Evernote clients would have been a crash waiting to happen.  It's far better to use many small notes than one humungous document.  You could try contacting Support to see if they can help further,  but if you can re-clip those images from the original source you'd have a far quicker resolution to this problem.

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