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Limitations of Evernote web

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I use EN v10 on iphone and ipad and I like the general layout, tasks, reminders etc.  Due to recent limitations on using it on win7 computers I am trying to get used to using EN web o those devices.  Overall I'm happy with most of its features and am finding it very similar to EN on my other devices.  There is, however, a huge difference in manipulating files on EN web.  For example, I can drag a pdf file from my desktop into an EN web note, but I can't figure out how to delete that same file once it's in that note.  Also, when you double click on a pdf in EN web it does not open.  Instead it asks you to save it somewhere and after you do that it can open.  There seem to be other limitations when it comes to files but I'm still experimenting.  Also, it seems as if it's not possible to open a note into a separate page of it's own.  This is a very helpful feature of legacy and v10 and I used it all the time.  However, with the web version I can simply open another tab and it's kind of similar.   So gradually I'm finding workarounds to make EN web more usable but I still need to do any major file manipulations on Legacy.  For users on this forum who complain about v10 it may be useful to use EN web for a while to get a much better feel for v10.

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Thanks for a useful post. You describe quite well the limitations of attached files in Evernote on a browser: there is no local database from which the attachments could be opened, so they must be downloaded and saved. Similarly, from within a browser tab opening a note in a separate window would not be feasible, but a separate browser tab (or browser window) would serve well ... except that I find Edge will not let me do even that; I'd have to duplicate the whole Evernote tab and work in the duplicate.

On 9/18/2022 at 2:27 PM, idoc said:

For users on this forum who complain about v10 it may be useful to use EN web for a while to get a much better feel for v10.

I did exactly that for over a year, and I found it helpful, as you suggest, till it got to the point where EN 10 was functional enough to start using the app itself (once I got a Windows 10 computer).

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