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Problem with unsyncing old devices



Hello! As I have got a new MacBook (because my old one broke), I get a pop up telling me to upgrade or unsync a device. I have tried unsyncing my old iPhone, and even got emails saying that the device is successfully unsynced

But then it instantly pops back up on the mac app saying the exact same thing. I have also tried logging into my account on the browser and tried unsycing my old device. But after a refresh it appears again. Any help out there would be great as I am not able to use any of my notes on my mac at the moment :(  Thanks!

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Best to log out of all your devices. Then unsync and log back in with just the two devices you want to use 

However, there is a monthly limit to the number of unsyncs. So I suspect that you may now have exceeded the limit which will stop you unsyncing until the next 30 day period.

Otherwise, you can pay for one month. That will allow you unsync to your heart's content. Then cancel before you renewal.

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Thanks for your help … however I don't have access to the old device anymore. Therefor I am not able to log out of the device. Still – the device was resetted, so it is not possible that the device tries to re log-in.


Any Idea on how to handle that?



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