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Effectively using Evernote with Raven Pro scanner

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I just purchased a new Raven Pro scanner and love it.  I am looking to go completely paperless and have a significant number of documents that I would like to scan and shred.  The documents are unorganized.  I believe I would like to use Evernote to organize these documents, but also have the Raven Cloud, Dropbox and OneDrive, all with unlimited storage.  Does anyone have experience with this and can offer advice on the best way to quickly get this done?  I scanned several hundred documents into Raven Cloud yesterday, believing that I would use this as a landing place for the documents, and would then rename them (is that necessary or advantageous?) and move them to Evernote/Dropbox/OneDrive - however, that is not possible unless I scan the documents directly into one of those cloud services or download each PDF.  If Evernote is ultimate destination, any thoughts on renaming files and putting them into specific folders and/or tagging them and leaving them all in one folder?

If anyone has any advice on how to best use these two very powerful tools together, I would greatly appreciate it.  I was surprised by the lack of content on the integration with the Raven scanner - it seems like these two tools were made for each other.

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I am using a Fujitsu ix500 together with the ScanSnap Manager software. No idea what the Raven scanner can do in detail. From the website it looks pretty similar to the ix1500, the successor of the ix500 which is no longer produced.

The way I have set it up, I scan into ScanSnap Manager on my Mac. It automatically does the OCR there, using the Abby FineWriter Software integrated into the ScanSnap Manager. When a pdf comes already with a text layer, EN will not OCR it again.

Then I give the file a „good“ file name, matching my personal naming convention. Dates are written for example in the international format, YYYYMMDD, which makes them easy to sort. On saving the file I have my EN Import Folder preselected. I see it into the Import Folder - a few seconds later a new note containing the pdf as attachment appears in my Inbox-notebook.

Since it already has a „good“ file name, the note title is as well OK. So I just need to apply tags and move the note to the final notebook. Since I use mainly tags and only a few notebooks, this is not really a challenge.

The small daily scans (like a letter received that I just want to archive) are done with the build in scanner of the iPhone EN app. If I want a pdf holding a few pages, I use the ScannerPro app on the iPhone as alternative. The Fujitsu is really for volume jobs, and there it does on 15min what would take hours manually.

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3 hours ago, Denny Goforth said:

I was surprised by the lack of content on the integration with the Raven scanner - it seems like these two tools were made for each other.

There are dozens of cloud storage sites and scanner suppliers out there - I think Evernote would be happy to hear from any one of them,  but they aren't going to adopt an individual provider and shut out the rest...

In terms of your general 'how to proceed' request,  I think that's entirely up to you.  If you genuinely have unlimited free storage from Raven,  and you trust them not to lose your data,  it looks like it would be in your best interests to go with them and not use Evernote at all.

If you want to add the extended organisational features that Evernote brings to the mix,  I follow broadly what @PinkElephant has outlined above - I digitised a small library of technical information into several thousand pages of information that are (IMHO) far more accessible now than they ever were when occupying shelf space in a physical library!

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Thank you.  I realize there are many options out there but I’d really like to hear from someone who is using the Raven Pro scanner with Evernote.  I want to use the organizing tools of Evernote.  Looking for advice on how to handle the initial rush of scanning existing documents, realizing that once they are all scanned and shredded, the day to day will be a lot easier and different.  

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1 hour ago, Denny Goforth said:

I’d really like to hear from someone who is using the Raven Pro scanner with Evernote.

Good luck with that - I'd not heard of them before your post...  but maybe I'm just out of touch!  ;)

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