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Help with importing handwritten notes (searchable)

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I love handwriting my research notes. 

It helps me get the information in my head. However, I am beginning to realize it is impossible to search through all those notes. Someone suggested I take pictures of my handwritten notes and make a pdf. Then, I should import it into evernote so it could become searchable. 


This sounds good but I cannot get it work. Is this even possible? Please help!

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Yes. This should work... But as I recall only in an image file unless you are paying for your account. 

It isn't instant. You upload the image in a note and the recognition process takes place in a period of time depending on server load etc.

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If you want searchable handwriting, pdf is a bad choice.

EN will only make these picture formats searchable with handwriting: JPG, PNG, GIF

If you use the scanner build into the mobile app, it will grab PNG - this will be made searchable.

In PDFs only typed text is made searchable.


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