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Automatic tasks suggestions

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From time to time I get from Evernote notification to add specific task

The topic is very much relevant to me and even in my owl language, but I have no clue where it is taken from/ Is it from google search? 

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Hi.  I'm not aware of any such suggestions - is this always for the same task,  or is it a selection of things relevant to what you're currently doing / what's in your calendar?

Can you provide any more detail as to exactly what is being suggested?

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That what puzzled me

I have a new drone and I deal with photography, so was looking for tutorials for photo taking in that specific drone, but all was in English

And suddenly I got from Evernote suggestion for new task with word "Camera for Drone" But in Hebrew not English. I did not search for Hebrew sites

I do not see these words in email or my Calendar

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Hmmn.  Seems a little odd - I'm not heavily into tasks,  so unless one of my colleagues here has anything more concrete you could try raising this with Support - (these Forums are mainly user 2 user) subscribers can raise support queries here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new and all users here - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps (or via the feedback option in the mobile client).  


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I've never seen suggestions for Tasks.  The Legacy application used to interact with Google and suggest content that was relevant but I've not seen this with v10.

I'd guess that these suggestions are external to the applications but a ticket might be the only way to find out

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I will approach Evernote support

I know they interact with Gmail and notes are suggested based on email, and I see the base for teh suggestion in the note itself

"This event was created from an email you received in Gmail"

The specific one I asked about was added to tasks and is in Hebrew and that was puzzled me 

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