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41 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

It should refresh itself automatically.

If not: Hold down the alt/opt key before clicking on the Help menu. Select Troubleshooting. Select "Reload" or "Force Reload".

Keyboard shortcuts are ctrl/strg-R and shift-ctrl/strg-R.

Maybe I'm an idiot but I couldn't get that to work 

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  • Evernote Expert

Because the desktop app is continuously synchronising you are not likely to see much activity with the Ctrl+R option unless you have an issue which means nothing is sync-ing.

So my question might be to ask what is the issue you face that means you feel the need to trigger a manual sync?

If you want to be sure that your data has sync-ed to the server because things are not appearing on your mobile device or stuff from mobile doesn't seem to be reaching the desktop then you might do well to try a couple of things which will tell where, if at all, you have an issue.  However, this will only work if you are paying for an Evernote subscription. Free accounts are limited to only two devices which you already have connected.  You will not be able to use the web version of Evernote as well.

So, assuming you have a paid account, access https://www.evernote.com and login to your account. Can you see the notes that you expect to see in the web browser? If not what is missing? Are you missing items created on the mobile device or on the desktop? This will tell you which part of the sync is faling for you...

This information will assist in the advice we might offer next.

If you are on the Free account with Evernote then you might choose to subscribe for one month. Once you are a subscriber you have access to the ability to check that you only have two devices connected to your account and sync-ing  is likely to start at the same time allowing you to disconnect any additional devices listed apart from your desktop and mobile.  Then you can cancel your account and drop back to Free.

Subscribers can also raise a ticket with Evernote support so if you are currently on a Free account your one month will give you access to support as well.

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