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Photo wrongly recognized as business card

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I'm taking a photo of documents with the same format on a regular base (electricity bills), but everytime Evernote recognized these wrongly as business cards. Is there any way, I can "teach" Evernote, that these are not business cards and I want them saved as documents (color/ black, white)?

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Hi. What device are you using,  what's the OS and Evernote version,  and exactly what process do you follow for taking a photo?  If you're using the standard Android process of adding a photo note (forinstance),  you should be able to choose what sort of image will be saved - document, picture or business card... 

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There is no way you can "teach" anything to the scanning mode. Maybe it is self teaching, but I doubt it.

What you can do: Change the document type from business card to Document before saving it to create the new note. It will then save as a regular picture.

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I'm using Evernote 10.35 (1123791) on my iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 15.5).
I have the electricity bill in front of me on the table. 

I open Evernote and  click on the "+' icon and then on the camera icon to open the capture mode. Recognition I set on auto and the bill gets captured. But on the next screen, it recognizes the captured photo as business card. Every time I need to then select "Document (black and white)" from the "saving as" drop-down menu. When I do this, the photo somehow also gets "squeezed" - the ratio changes, or some part of the photo gets cropped away.
I need to repeat above multiple times, until the photo size does not change after changing "saving as" from business card to document.

I would need to do this every time, which I am doing BTW, and this is annoying.
Nowadays, you would assume there is some kind of AI learning, so next time it nows that the document I want to capture (based on format, size, etc.) it is not a business card. But this feature probably doesn't exist.


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EN AFAIK has no local AI processing on the clients. All advanced functions run on the server.

The clients are probably too diverse in their abilities to rely on local AI.

You can contact support, or use an external scanner and import the result into EN.

Some like ScannerPro by readdle even have very nice collaborative features: You create the scan, then share and select a predefined workflow. It has a notebook plus a set of standard tags. For me about 80% of the scans don’t need to be touched again after the note was automatically created. 

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I might have accidentally discovered a fix for this! I had this same issue after I had scanned a stack of paystubs and shredded them. I discovered many of the stubs were filed as contacts. I used Scannable on an iphone.

Potential fix (after the scans are saved in Evernote). In Evernote, open the contact. You can drag the image of the scan to the area in the note below the business card. It will copy the scan there. Then you can delete the contact and save the note.

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