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How to disconect from devices

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Hello, it notified me that I am connected to 5 more devices, but I do not have access to them and can not log out of them. Because of this, I do not have access to important information. What should I do?image.thumb.png.4ff14f9da6f078902b588e2cbf8c82cb.png

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If suddenly a lot of unknown devices show up, it may be your account was hacked. If you are not familiar with the new devices, follow this instructions:


First follow the advise to make the account safe again. Immediately change your password to a new, unique (not used elsewhere, and very different to the old one) and strong (15 characters, mixed, no existing word) one. In addition you can create a second security layer with 2FA.

Before starting to unsync any device, go to the bottom of the help article. There is a link to support. Click it, and choose „account“ as ticket type.

You can only unsync 2 devices every 30 days. If there are 5 listed, it will take 3 months to unsync. Support can help you to drop them all.

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