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ordered price lists

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i sell air conditioners, and im seeking help. every air conditioner unit has an efficiency and all units have a different price, so i downloaded evernote to help me for this. i need a recomendation on how to organize my prices

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EN is great to organize all sort of information, in your case like sales catalogues, installation advise, support documents etc. You can build an information base of units sold, customers and the like as well - although a full CRM system may be better when volume increases. You can create your own templates to save information in a structured way, to support the sales process by checklists and hand out information to customers.

You can share information with customers (even when they have no EN account - they can open it in the browser).

Make yourself familiar with tags and tagging - you can use them to guid you through the sales process, with tags like „Lead“ (to approach), „Follow up“ (for a pending offer), „Close deal“ (to produce and send the contract) etc.

Where EN is less good itself is with data like in a database, like your pricing data. You may find it easier to create a spreadsheet (like Excel, G-Sheet or Apple Numbers) and embed it into a note with additional information like last updated.

All this said, it is based on a Personal subscription for some key features I mentioned. When working with others (like installation teams) it may be worth to think about a Professional subscription, that makes it easier to assign and follow up on jobs delegated to others.

Good luck !

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I'd suggest you simply list your products by manufacturer,  model,  price,  and efficiency in a spreadsheet,  then sort the list by each of those headings so that you have four lists.  Let your customers decide which element is most important to them and choose accordingly.  You could insert those lists into Evernote so that they are sharable with others...  

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