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Google Spreadsheet Sync



I'm willing to categorize this as an edge-case, feature idea BUT I think it would be interesting.

Google Spreadsheets can function as a database. Currently I have one setup with details about networking and people I've met. I want to propose features from a Evernote+Google Sheets integration:

  • Evernote pulls data from Google Sheets to display in a table within Evernote.
  • Evernote can generate notes from rows or columns from a Google Sheet
  • Content in Evernote can be generated from specific cells in Google Sheets

One reason I propose this is because Google Sheets provides computational and mathematical features not available in Evernote. In fact it may be better that Evernote avoid those features all together. It's probably better to simply pull the data from elsewhere. We could have spreadsheets that calculate costs and values. As the spreadsheet changes, it could update within notes.

I've attached a screenshot that is not entirely related but it shows a very creative use of pulling spreadsheet data. This is actually a design program, Figma, pulling spreadsheet data. I just want to show the creative options that are possible.

Screenshot 2022-06-21 092449.png

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I would certainly like to see the ability to properly embed all types of Google docs within a Evernote note. ie be able to view the doc in the note. This would massively extend the capability of a note without compromising the simplicity of the basic note. The current fuctionailty is simply a slightly easier way of adding a link and it is disingenuous for EN to suggest that it is any more than that.

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This syncing from Google (or wherever, you can setup O365 running on OneDrive in a similar way, as Apple Numbers running in iCloud) practically would create a true copy of the data inside of EN. And this usually is where the problems start …

All this is avoided by the linking to the source, but not trying to mirror it. 

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