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  1. Yeah I eventually found eM Client which solved that issue. Now if I can only convince these places to stop emailing me so much. Some of them make it impossible to create filters.
  2. I imagine my question may invite a deluge of advice. I find and suspect that productivity often involves personal preferences and style. Here I go though: I need help getting organized. I need assistance with specific things and I'd like to know how to best use Evernote for these purposes. I am an adjunct professor teaching at three institutions. I still sometimes freelance outside of that. Each institution has their own calendar and deadlines. Each contact me through a separate email address (which is a nightmare). I struggle the most with scheduling. I understand most features in E
  3. The home screen provides a new user experience. In other words there's a different experience when you can view multiple categories of information all at once and through casual glance. It's very different from having to click multiple times back and forth in order see multiple things in the application.
  4. It seems like an oversight. The reminder feature will become more useful to me if it is immediately seen on this home screen.
  5. I just received what sounded like an audio advert for Grammarly while using Evernote on Android. It was confusing. If there's a feature integration, consider just displaying a message instead.
  6. I was just reading the forum for the email product, eM Client. In doing so I saw that they were about to have Evernote integration, which would have been great. Then it turns out that is no longer available due to Evernote limiting third party access. Can anyone speak to this? Is there a chance this will change in the future? Screenshot of email client forum thread below
  7. I understand that Evernote has had to spend some years managing the scope of their product. It has contained many features that are strong, discreet, maybe incomplete. It can make a difficult product to manage. So I imagine the idea of an email client is crazy but hear me out: they should really make an email client. Like any one of us I use Evernote all the time. I manage my personal and professional research within Evernote. I also receive too many emails on a daily basis that require my reference, integration into my research notebooks, added notes, etc. So I DO NOT believe it wou
  8. Yeah I don't think Windows has it. I completely forgot Mac has it.
  9. Over the past 10+ years productivity applications have focused on "unified" user interfaces which sometimes means the use of tabs. If you're as old as I am there used to be a time where every productivity application experience revolved around floating windows. For example a lot of music applications switched to a unified user interface around 2010. Anyway, Evernote should consider tabs. I use a Windows application that allows for the ability to make tabs. I think it's worth considering.
  10. Okay, I can look into that. Is it configurable on Windows?
  11. I understand Evernote is working on a major update which I look forward to. I use the application on MacOS, Android, and Windows primarily. I wanted to create a thread about the inconsistencies in case they haven't caught them. Here's one. The key command CTRL+Shift+D || CMD+Shift+D creates a date on both Mac and Windows but it creates it in two different formats. Mac: October 10, 2019 Windows: 10/10/2019 8:40 AM So that's one thing for now.
  12. I don't think that particular question suggests they don't see the point of highlighting. In fact I think their initial exclusion of highlight colors more strongly suggests they didn't understand the point it. However the quote you highlight more likely pertains to how they want to implement the feature with maximum impact for the users.
  13. It finely crossed my mind that part of the struggle I've had with organizing some of my research related to how many of my notes are related to one another. This can be resolved through tagging and Notebooks--that in it of itself a is obviously a large conversation. However I was faced with the problem of constantly opening related notes for my research. Then I asked myself, is there a way to link notes together? There is! Maybe most of your already know this but I wanted to make sure to point it out. Note | Copy Internal Link will copy a link to the specific note. I now have structured a tabl
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