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  1. I sort of associate "reminders" with "alarm" and that's why I find their reminder system really lacking. However Zapier solved my problems now.
  2. Well, I was/am in the process of looking at dedicated apps but I just wanted to be able to assocciate notes with calendar events in a faster way.
  3. I'm using android and made sure the notifications are on for it. I got nothing. However I find their morning email delivery to be... completely unsatisfactory. I just found a solution using Zapier however - https://zapier.com/app/home I created a system in which all Evernote reminders automatically generate Google Calendar events with their reminder system.
  4. Ah. Okay. Thanks for that explanation. It sounds like a feature that does not serve my needs then.
  5. And one more. I just created another reminder test and there was NO notification about the reminder... just a little blue text that says the reminder time passed four mins ago. I'm sorry but I either really misunderstand this feature or something here is not designed well.
  6. Example problem: Evernote automatically hides my reminders. It's assuming that I don't want to visually see that information unless I remember to seek it out and click on that arrow to expand the window. I just don't know about this. I sort of want the reminder to evident, visible, and you know, reminding me.
  7. I've avoided the reminder system in Evernote after attempting to use it years ago and finding completely odd. I think I assumed it would work like Google calendar and create some clear notifications reminding me of whatever note is associated with it. With Google Cal I get sound notifications; optional emails; push notifications on my phone; etc. From what I can tell Evernote doesn't push notifications on the phone. I read elsewhere that it only sends one email out every morning regarding it's daily reminders... Is this really how it works? I can't tell if there is a better way to customize it. I need a reminder system that is triggered according to the time I set. It does show me small pop up windows notifying me of a reminder (quiet, small, little pop ups). However I'd like to see more. Can anyone clarify on how to get the most of the reminder system?
  8. Well, this essentially answers my question. I saw Evernote moving in a Google Docs type direction. I assumed they wanted to make it a more full-fledged document editor. This clarifies that they won't. I still believe color coordination is a huge oversight when it comes to methods of organization however but this makes sense.
  9. At this point I feel like they don't believe the feature should be implemented. I use a variety of software out there in different categories. For example I use a lot of audio software. There's one company who came right out with an audio solution that excluded expected features that you find with the competition. My assumption has been that they want to influence and control the user's workflow. They also wanted to create the idea of a simpler experience by not even allowing the user to confront all these other features. This may also be due to the size of the company. This audio company has evolved over more than a decade and they still exclude many features. So it's a software design philosophy. I think you'll find the same when you compare products like Sketch and Photoshop. However what is unclear to me about Evernote whether or not they are trying to aim for a simpler software design. I can't tell. It does a lot as it is. It has many features. What has convinced them to decide to not add color control? Even Google Docs allows that.
  10. Evernote has finally acknowledge the existence of this request - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps/status/1083848094201114625
  11. Has evernote made an official response to this yet? AT THE VERY LEAST there's an accessibility problem with their yellow color. There's very limited contrast. I imagine some people can barely see the yellow. They need a more contrasting yellow and while they're at it, a few more colors. Obviously.
  12. I'm referring to the "view" however unless I'm misunderstanding what you're discussing. I know you can create hierarchical tags within the tag view and you can see the hierarchy there. To my understanding there is no other way to see the actual hierarchy without clicking on the tags in the sidebar. Is this the issue you're referring to?
  13. Well, it duplicates some effort right? I have this one small business project where I organize music tutorials and I find that it's easy to separate content into a few big buckets: music theory subject matter and technology including agnostic (no specific tech). So you could have two tutorials. One is instructions on making hip hop beats using X software. The other is a tutorial on playing real drums with no specific technology. Both tutorials would fall under the music theory category of "rhythm theory" and one would be within "X technology/software". So it's a Venn diagram. This would eliminate duplicating tags/categories. I'm leaning in this direction but it's difficult figuring out these buckets with all my areas of research. However maybe I'll find that it isn't doable and I'll need to duplicate tags like you did, as well. I think sometimes I find some subject matters seem similar but are separate.
  14. Yeah, the lack of displaying hierarchy is a major flaw of this application because it inherently encourages the use of a flat structure which limits the organizational potential. It's a user experience problem and... ugh... the company seems obtuse in this way. What platforms do display hierarchy in that view? I use evernote on Mac, Windows, and Android. I've never noticed the display of the hierarchical structure in any of those platforms.
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