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  1. Yeah, I guess that video strongly implies there's more to come. I definitely understand that it's a difficult undertaking. I wasn't originally sure if the scope of this feature was limited or expansive however. If any Evernote employees read this though: If the Task feature becomes expansive I hope you strongly consider a completely separate application that communicates with Evernote. I can only imagine combining Evernote with a robust Task tool is a major UX undertaking.
  2. I don't see where Evernote describes those features. On the page about the Tasks overview they don't mention tables or a board. The emulation of KANBAN would be very useful but I don't see any remarks about this being a possible feature. I already use a Task management tool because it has these features. I don't know where Evernote is proposing this.
  3. That's why the Task feature just seems flat. Why add it if it's barely doing much? Maybe the numbers will show that many consumers want a modest task feature but do they? I still use Evernote for notes and organization like you use it. I don't know if many of us need them to implement a very minimal task feature.
  4. Yeah. It's for this reason I wonder if Evernote's consumers really need this new "task" feature at all. Previously we could make a checklist. This current update seems so modest that I don't see it really pulling the Task management crowd. In my opinion Evernote's Tasks feature is either doing too little that it doesn't matter OR it's not doing enough to draw in more users.
  5. I imagine Evernote's task manager will be helpful to some but I'm not convinced it's going to appeal to a lot of people looking for task management. Side note: I just looked up Things and it appears pretty identical to Todoist.
  6. I did some research. I really needed a useful task application. The task management in Evernote just doesn't do it. I've been using Todoist for about two months now. I'm very satisfied with it. I initially wanted to only use Evernote. It would be more cost effective. Now that Evernote is taking tasks more seriously I am very curious to see where this goes and here are my thoughts: These current Task features are just a UI/UX overhaul. Instead of having to locate a note where you previously had a list of tasks, you now can quickly view notes and their tasks in a sidebar. This doesn't compete with the other options out there. Based on these updates, I have NO reason to use Tasks in Evernote. It's not good enough. I think Evernote should consider whether they want modest task features or whether they want to compete with others. IF Evernote decides they want to compete in this arena then I also want to suggest that they don't try to fully integrate these two experiences. I believe this will become a UX problem. Consider creating an experience where a person can create notes very separately from creating tasks. Then create a way in which a Task can be associated (related) to a specific Note. For example in Todoist, I create tasks categories by subjects. Then I leave comments on tasks that are associated with files and external notes. If I had the ability to directly connect a note to a task, I would. However that's not an option.
  7. I agree. In fact IF we do have a task feature, make it a separate button so that we can quickly decide which thing we want to perform. As it stands currently, we basically have to double click on "New" in order to make a note.
  8. Oooh yeah. Turn this off! I make lists of youtube videos for sharing and reference. Automatically embedding them requires many extra steps to remove them when you repeat this many times. Users already had the ability to click on the video to watch it. There was never a reason to automatically embed it.
  9. Yeah I eventually found eM Client which solved that issue. Now if I can only convince these places to stop emailing me so much. Some of them make it impossible to create filters.
  10. I imagine my question may invite a deluge of advice. I find and suspect that productivity often involves personal preferences and style. Here I go though: I need help getting organized. I need assistance with specific things and I'd like to know how to best use Evernote for these purposes. I am an adjunct professor teaching at three institutions. I still sometimes freelance outside of that. Each institution has their own calendar and deadlines. Each contact me through a separate email address (which is a nightmare). I struggle the most with scheduling. I understand most features in Evernote. I may not fully know how to use their reminder system in a way that is effective. I'd like advice and suggestions. Here are some key questions: If you integrate Evernote with Google Calendar, what is your productivity workflow? Do you just manually enter details in a calendar or do you have any app integration? Do you use Evernote with Microsoft ToDo? If so how do you use it together? Any suggestions on how to create a reminder system with notifications? I need reminders for my schedule. Any suggestions on using Evernote with Amazon Echo? Overall I am looking for a system that allows me to use Evernote more effectively (if possible) and a way to create notifications and reminders for the scheduled things I need to be aware of.
  11. The home screen provides a new user experience. In other words there's a different experience when you can view multiple categories of information all at once and through casual glance. It's very different from having to click multiple times back and forth in order see multiple things in the application.
  12. It seems like an oversight. The reminder feature will become more useful to me if it is immediately seen on this home screen.
  13. I just received what sounded like an audio advert for Grammarly while using Evernote on Android. It was confusing. If there's a feature integration, consider just displaying a message instead.
  14. I was just reading the forum for the email product, eM Client. In doing so I saw that they were about to have Evernote integration, which would have been great. Then it turns out that is no longer available due to Evernote limiting third party access. Can anyone speak to this? Is there a chance this will change in the future? Screenshot of email client forum thread below
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