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  1. estevancarlos

    Different Colors for Highlighter

    I don't necessarily believe Evernote should be too bloated with features however many of us have come to expect many of the features that are bundled with Google Docs. That should be a baseline in 2018. Obviously Evernote is not there. The product as it works fine but does anyone know if they intend to make any feature additions or changes at all?
  2. estevancarlos

    A full list of third party application?

    Might be a misunderstanding. I am looking for apps that interface with Evernote, as you mention. Not just the ability to attach any file format. I'm curious to see what's available and see which applications solve some small problems I may be having. For example I'd like more advanced text editing with the ability to control background color/highlight color. There may be a third party app for that.
  3. I do use evernote heavily to write documentation and notes regarding my programming and development. However it could be better. I came across this application, https://www.cacher.io/. It is designed for the purpose of organizing code snippets. Does a 3rd application like this exist for evernote? It's nearly identical but the main issue I have is the visual organization. The Cacher program adds a padding and gray background around the specific code snippet. This clearly makes it visually easier to see and browse through. There is no built-in option in evernote for padding or controlling the background color of text. Cacher may have other features as well that I am unfamiliar with. However I am curious to try something like this and believe it can be implemented effectively in Evernote.
  4. I'm viewing https://appcenter.evernote.com in the hopes of finding a thorough repo of 3rd party apps available for Evernote. However I know, and am not convinced this is a full list. If it is... then that's a bad sign. There appears to only be around 15 or so. Where can I find a full list OR additional lists of 3rd party apps?
  5. estevancarlos

    Different Colors for Highlighter

    This is one of those features I assumed they had and is shocking they don't. This is probably more in demand than their presentation mode.
  6. So I requested a feature where I wanted the ability to view the hierarchy of tags in the sidebar. Little did I know that this feature already existed--I needed to turn it on. I overlooked it as a menu option under View | Sidebar Options. To a certain extent the menu is not designed to explain the feature. It's there for easy access. I think Evernote could use an advanced preferences window where context and descriptions of features can be offered in addition to providing one place where everything that can be controlled is available to view and understand. An example of Jetbrain's software preferences windows. They create very feature-rich IDEs (integrated development environments) and their preferences windows offer everything in one place. I find that if I do not understand some of the actual menu buttons in the IDE or if I do not know where to find a specific option, the preferences window offers me _a bit more_ guidance and descriptive text. This could really be an opportunity for Evernote to better discuss the many features in Evernote. And to be clear, I'm not suggesting Evernote needs more features like Jetbrains (which makes sense for their audience). Just a better way to review all user controllable options.
  7. Yeah, I'll need to read through the options for thoroughly. So based on my realization that I was not aware of this feature (and often times I am aware of those things) I'm going to make another feature request later about a more advanced preferences window. I am a web developer and use some software that offers very granular preferences windows with every feature available for customizing and control. I don't think Evernote needs to be more customizable but every controllable feature should be listed in a single preferences window. Just another idea.
  8. Yeah, it has me wondering what else I don't know about the application. Kind of surprising.
  9. So never mind everyone. It was a hidden feature. I respect the dilemma Evernote may be facing. It's a potentially complex application with many discreet features. I suspect that should be dealt with in a different way. Not sure how.
  10. I don't have that but.... AHHHHHH. I had to right click and activate that option! Geez. It was turned off by default. Well, damn this changes everything for me.
  11. estevancarlos

    Implement "Simplified Article" view in Evernote

    That's more or less what I do sometimes. Definitely could be improved.
  12. I'm realizing now that the clients for Evernote might vary in many ways. I do have the ability to view children tags of parent tags in my version of Evernote on OSX.
  13. I guess I don't know how to use Evernote then (which I understand is common issue). This is what I have when I view tags in Evernote. I would prefer to have dropdowns and parent-child relationships in the sidebar.
  14. Ah okay. I use Evernote primarily on OSX. I get a large view in the primary window of all my tags. The sidebar only allows me to list one parent tag with no children menu option.
  15. Another feature request in this forum suggests that Notebooks should become hierarchical. I disagree with this because tags can already be hierarchical. The problem as I see it is that Evernote doesn't encourage or allow for an easy way to view tags and their hierarchy. An example of where a tagging system works very well to me is Gmail. Gmail allows an email to exist within different tags just like Evernote. However it also offers a sidebar where you can view a tree-structure of tags (parent and child tags). Since Evernote effectively encourages the use of tags as descriptors, most of us probably have too many tags that are disorganized. This is one of the biggest weaknesses of tagging and using tags poorly. I do the same. So from that perspective, my idea may not sound appealing. However if there could be a way to have a tree view of tags in the sidebar, I believe it would encourage more careful use of tagging and allow notebooks to remain untouched.