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New Folders Missing

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Bewildered! I added 3 folders to Legend Stack: Par 3s, Par4s, and Par5s as seen in the first image. However, those new folders do not appear under "All Legend Courses" as seen in the bottom image. I'll keep trouble shooting, but...

Looking forward to a solution, which is beyond my novice skill level!  ~ Much Thanks ~


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Did you try the troubleshooting actions on the local database yet ?

Open the client, look at the help menu. Now close it. Then hold down the opt/alt key on the keyboard. Open the help menu again: There is now a new menu item, with submenu  items.

Use them to repair the local database.

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> There is now a new menu item, with submenu  items. Use them to repair the local database.

Not clear what is meant by "use them to repair the local database"? Below is the screen shots from the help menu "troubleshooting" and "Open Database Folder"

What am i missing? ~ Thanks ~



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The 3 marked options do repair jobs on the database.


I don't know why you post folders lists here. Folders are an OS issue, they have nothing to do how EN works.

If the repair jobs on the database do not do the job, check on the web client if everything shows there.

If not, it was never created on the server.

If yes, this is what I would do to get a completely fresh copy of the database on my Mac:

Uninstall legacy using a program like AppCleaner. Make sure all program parts are selected for removal. If there are any local notebooks, make sure to have them backupped before uninstalling.

Then restart the Mac, and reinstall legacy using this link. Log in, and don't use the client while it loads the notes from the server.


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