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Allow for an 'X' in a checklist

Johann Junginger


I think it would be useful to be able to mark a checklist with an 'X' for items not completed for whatever reason, such as practicality or evolving project requirements. The checklist task would still be crossed out. When all the tasks are crossed off with a checkmark or an 'X' the checklist is complete. Tasks that remain that are still pending and relevant to the project are left unchecked.

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Currently a task not completed is not checked, and a completed task is checked. This is simple and needs no explanation.

If you need a closer follow up of a project, a simple list will not do. Use another tool for this, for example a KANBAN board that allows to set up workflow columns, and move the jobs through the columns. You can set up the categories as you need them for your project - there are projects where for example jobs need to be counterchecked before they can be declared „Done“. There is from my experience no „standard“ that could be implemented into a general purpose software like EN, hard coded into the editor.

If you want to do this level of project control by a list, think about which part of a list item is still pending Then close the initial position and open a new one with just the remaining share of the original job.

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