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Unsync Devices support - Evernote unusable



Recently I logged into my account and saw the following:


Note the 1724 devices listed above. When I go into the window to deselect them, they seem to be a list of Android devices with names like this:

Android (Android-Nokia-U-2066ZP)

I have no idea how these devices got synced to my account.

Now, it would be fine if I could deselect them all, but I can't as the UI only allows me to select 1 by 1 and there is almost 2000 of them. A multi-select would help :(

Either way does anyone have guidance here? I basically am unable to use the tool at this stage which is really disappointing as a long time user of Evernote.

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As @PinkElephant suggests, you need to contact Evernote support. But this looks like a classic case of your account being hacked by someone who stole your password. If you use the same password on multiple sites, a password stolen elsewhere can be used to get into your Evernote account. Highly undesirable! If you can access your account info (https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action), go there and immediately change your password to something unique that you don't use anywhere else. I think that should disconnect any device connected through a stolen password. If you can then set up two-factor authentication, that is another layer of security. But do contact Evernote support as well.

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