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Hi.  As I'm sure has been said before:  if you need a formatting that isn't supported directly by Evernote's in-built Editor,  it's very easy to use any other wp client and either attach the files to a note,  or copy/ paste the edited result back into it. 

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Just tried on iOS:

  • Create an unformatted list of items
  • Select and choose numbered list
  • Put the cursor before the content of the first row of the list - tap backspace. The row will loose the number (1.) and will move to the left (no indent)
  • Now type „6.“, for example. The row indents again, it starts with „6. textext“. All the next rows will get new numbers, from 7 upwards.

This works for the first line of a numbered list. You can’t use it in the following rows.

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