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OT: Happy 100th birthday, Firefox !

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It may be a little bit off topic, but we can celebrate today that the one and only FREE, open source browser Firefox just released its edition 💯 .

Firefox is running on its own rendering "engine", keeping up an alternative to the overwhelmingly installed, cheating, resources devouring Chrome browser, and its ***** Chromium offspring. Chrome is a key vehicle to drive Googles desire to know everything, undermine privacy and track users wherever they go.

Anybody who has not yet installed Firefox should consider it.

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I remember using it back in the day when Internet Explorer 6 was a nightmare!

I keep it installed but hardly use it. A number of websites don't work with it properly and I like the way Vivaldi and Brave are taming the Chromium project.

Microsoft Edge just became the new number 2 browser with 10% of the market taking over from Safari.

Happy birthday but I worry if it'll make another 100 releases!

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Edge, Vivaldi, Brave all rely on the way Chrome(ium) reads the internet.

This means Google is trying to monopolize the way the internet is read. Every Browser relying on this engine supports this trend.

Own engines are only maintained by Mozilla / Firefox and Apple / WebKit / Safari. Safari only runs on Apple devices, this leaves Firefox as the one and only open alternative.

The biggest contributor to Mozilla is AFAIK Google - probably keeping them afloat to prove there is a competition in the browser segment.

Firefox works fine for me, on Mac and PC. I even use it on my Raspberry Pi to open the EN web client !

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