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Lost notes

Centre Point


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Your device stuck ... what a cliff hanger.

Because we now are asking ourselves "WTF is the device he means ?". Because he won't tell, at least not up to now.

So come back here next week, same time, same place, when we resolve the big "WTF is the device - question". And block this time for the next months, because after we cleared this question, there will be 10 others until we find out - it was the gardener who killed the notes, converted them into organic compost and grew the strawberries on it.

Bon Appetit  !

P.S. You could significantly shorten the wait if you decide to tell "everything" ... unless you do, we can only murmur our best healing chants to make your notes return. Can tell you - you don't want to listen to THAT noise ! It make the lame jump, the blind see and the dead notes dance.

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5 hours ago, Centre Point said:

Recently I have lost my notes. They are not in the trash or deleted. The device stuck and after all of the notes have disappeared. Any advice, please how I can found them.

Another way of putting @PinkElephant's point: people here may be able to help, but we need more information. What is the device: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc.? What do you mean "the device stuck"? How are you accessing Evernote: through an Evernote app specialized to that device (Windows desktop, etc.), or through the Web client in a browser? If it's through a device-specific app, try going to Evernote.com in a browser and logging in. If your notes are all there, then your data are OK, but there is some problem in the device app. It may be as simple as waiting a bit longer for the notes to download in the app. OTOH, if the notes are not in the Web client, then you do have a problem. Let us know the information, please.

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