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I've been paying for Evernote Plus for some years without using it. When I open Evernote on my Mac its says I have the FREE version

When I go to the account it says the same thing 

but with a list of what I've been paying 

See attachment 

I don't understand this at all. Can anyone explain ? 

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 23.06.22.png

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Many Thanks for your reply agsteele 

I tried to do this but in the drop down menu; Q.) How do you pay for this ? A.) iTunes You have take it up with iTunes was their answer. 

What I think is going on here I've been paying for the Evernote app service on my iPhone that has not much to do with Evernote on my Mac. I'm certain i don't have two accounts. 

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Evernote is a cloud service. You do not pay per device, you pay for the plan. Subscribers have no limit on how many devices they want to install. No extra charge on additional clients.

It clearly says you pay through iTunes, and the price matches a Plus subscription paid on a monthly payment plan.

You can't do anything about it in your EN account, since iTunes is handling it.

On an iOS device, open the AppStore and tap on the account icon top right. You get a page with your account information. Right below your account name are 3 options: Purchases, Subscriptions and Messages.

Tap on Subscriptions. You see your current subscriptions. EN should be among them. When you tap on it, a page with more details show. You can quit the subscription there with a tap on the "Cancel subscription" Button down on that page. It will then terminate itself when the period ends you have already paid for.





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Thanks for your response Pink Elephant, i don't understand all of your message ? On my EN about is say i could have 3 or 2 devices ! . I still don't know why I was paying £2.99 month for EN on iTunes but not get the service. I've not heard back from iTunes yet.

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I rechecked the screenshot. As it seems the subscription has expired. It was always booked on the 4th of a month, and the last entry is from 4th of January 2022. So what we see is a payment history, but the history has terminated when the subscription has expired.

As a consequence the account this now declared as Free. This automatically means the device limit of 2 devices is activated. 

If you wanted to stop paying, you did. Your existing notes are fine, but for the use you are now restricted to what is allowed on the Free (Basic) account.

If you can‘t work on this limited plan, you would need to subscribe again. Since the old subscription has ended, you would need to subscribe to the Personal plan as a minimum now.

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