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What happened? Is Evernote finally cured?

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Hi to all...

I had kind of given up on Evernote, switching my pro work on Nimbus. Still keeping my Evernote plan alive and using mostly Legacy, allowing me one year to complete the transition (I have 40 000 notes, so I must proceed cautiously).

Lately I upgraded my Windows version (10.35.33)... proceeded to work on some old projects...

Then the miracle happened... lightning speed... searches working really well... terrific looks...

I am all confused now... 😍 is Evernote back? Did others experience such an improvement?


(and maybe they can cure the abyssal Android version now)




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1 hour ago, BeEfficient said:

it is a while ago where the speed of EN increased dramatically which - of course - improved the overall performance.

however, i think there is a long way to go. but one can see the improvements.

It does what I need 

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For me there are 3 jobs left with legacy:

  • detailed control when printing (which I rarely need)
  • moving a bunch of notes to another notebook (which in v10 is still slow, group tagging is fast)
  • Tag housekeeping (the overview page does not exist in v10 yet)

For my daily use I am 100% on v10. It is the best EN I have ever used.

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