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I just signed up for the minimal 2 user trial to verify that SAML can work but when I go into Admin Console > Single Sign-On > SAML HTTP Request URL + X.509 Certificate and click Save & Enable > get redirected to the IdP > authenticate successfully > get redirected back to evernote which displays the following error:

The signature on this security assertion didn't pass validation. The X.509 certificate that your company has provided may be out of date.
Please relay the above message to your Evernote Business admin for help.

The cert is not out of date.

Any ideas as to what the problem might be?

Do I need to upgrade the subscription or something (that would be strange since I'm able to edit the SAML settings)?



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Did you follow this setup logic by Google ?


From what it tells it is designed to work with an EN Teams (Business) Account, and you must be the account admin to set it up. From what you are talking concerning a „minimal 2 user trial“ it might be you are trying to set it up for a Free account. Taking the Google description this will probably not work.

To be sure, ask support. If you can’t ask support, it is because only subscribers can do … which would prove my assumption.

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