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Select no more than 50? Totally sucks

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Hi.  You could always go back to Legacy where the restriction does not apply.  If you're looking to select all notes in one notebook,  try the Notebooks page on desktop - if you right-click a notebook,  you can select all the notes.

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1) Cancelling … just go ahead (why do you think we other users in the forum would care ? )

2) Some operations work for the content of a full notebook, no matter what size

3) There is a way to lift that limit, if you know how to insert a few lines of text into a file. I have set mine to 500 notes - it did not work with 1.000, so there might be another limit somewhere.

4) Why was it introduced ? Nobody here probably knows. I assume EN wanted to prevent operations that would block a client for a long time.

Since speed has increased a lot, maybe they will lift it in the future.

You can tell EN PM about your enthusiasm in this matter through the feedback function of the clients, or by support ticket.

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On 4/12/2022 at 11:08 PM, johnzehr@gmail.com said:

I strenuously object to Evernote preventing me from selecting more than 50 notes at a time. It's enough to make me want to cancel my subscription.

Seriously- two posts and can't even be bothered or figure out how to create a forum name without including your email address I suspect even if Evernote was the holy grail of apps you would struggle with it. We ( as in other users) are aware of limitations and amazing NEW functions , we really do not care if you cancel. Maybe go back to pens and paper?

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