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ScanSnap Creates empty Evernote document

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I had been using my Fujitsu S1500 to scan documents and notes into legacy Evernote. All was fine. Then about 2 months ago my Windows 10 machine froze up. The  C drive holding all the programs was damaged as well as my backup disk. I put new disks in the machine and downloaded some of the apps. Now when I use the latest ScanSnap app to send scanned docs to the most current Evernote, Evernote acknowledges the  event, shows a document was received in the inbox but the document is always empty. Questions: 

1. Will Scansnap work with the latest release of Evernote? The pre-crash copy of Evernote I had used was at least 2 years old(Legacy).
2. I've tried multiple settings in ScanSnap. Nothing works. Any suggestions.
Thank you.
Averell Eisner
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Hi.  Sounds like you issue may be more to do with using the latest Fujitsu software with a 'legacy' ScanSnap S1500.  I use the same model with Evernote Legacy and it's doing fine with ScanSnap Manager 5.5.  There doesn't seem to have been a relevant update for this model since then - though I know that there is more recent software.  I'd suggest you have a chat with Fujitsu Support.

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Personally I am using the ix500 scanner, with ScanSnap Manager 7.something and the EN Import folders (EN 10.34).

I think the Import folder process works generally better, because I can rename the file before it is send to EN. The file name will become the new notes title. I avoid rework by properly naming the scanned file before importing.

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