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Rearrange Folders

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Hi.  They're notebooks,  not folders.  You can group them in Stacks or view all notes in all notebooks via the 'All Notes' view which lives up to the name.  You've not given us a clue what actual device you're using so more specific suggestions aren't really possible...  but see:  Organize with notebooks

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8 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

To me it is not quite clear what you want to do.

"Rearrange" is a wide field ...

If my notebooks are currently, from top down, D, B, A, C, then how would I rearrange them in a logical hierarchy such as A, B, C, D.

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They usually sort by the alphabet in the side panel. So see that you have an alphabetic order, or start the notebook names with numbers.

To make a notebook stay on top, you can use symbols. My "Inbox" is for example called "@Inbox". The "@" keeps it in position 1.

To group some notebooks together you can put them into stacks. Inside of a stack, they will again sort by the alphabet.

On the notebook page you can sort by title, creator, change date, sharing status etc.

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