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Login with web client, 2 step auth, SMS code is empty

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Back then it was working (Nov 8 2021 last success) but then I started to receive this SMS code.
It is empty. And the message now contains my nick name instead of my email.

So I can't login from Web. I still logged in with my app (ver 8.x.x) but there is no option in settings to turn of 2 factor authentication.
At the same time I don't receive a voice call and I have no email with backup codes for some reason (may be it was only in the web version).

What is going on?
Can you please help me?

If I lose logged in state for my android phone then I lose my account.


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Hi.  Contact Support (which is not us) - you won't 'lose' your account whatever happens,  but you might lose access for a while.  Your existing data will be perfectly safe until you resolve the password issue. 

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