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Search should include notebook titles



When doing a Search, it should include the names of notebooks, not just their notes.

I was distressed when it appeared that Evernote had lost several of my notes.  It turned out that my search term was in the name of the notebook but not in the notes, themselves.  So, PLEASE let us know if Search finds a notebook name that includes the search term.

     Thank you,   Art Lieberman

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6 hours ago, artlieberman said:

So, PLEASE let us know if Search finds a notebook name that includes the search term.

It does, just not in the way you might expect! Once you press enter EN gives you a list of notes that meet the search criteria. I suppose that is a feature of the design. The notes list contains notes - nothing else. However before you press enter you will see previous searches, saved searches, notes, tags, filters and notebooks that meet the criteria. That is your opportunity to spot the notebook name. 


In contrast ctrl+Q (which I'm not normally a great fan of) does a somewhat better job of highlighting the notebook


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I don’t think including the notebook names content into a search is a good idea. It can lead to a lot of false positives when notes are showing in the search results just because they are in a notebook that contains the searched string in its name.

@Mike P has pointed out how you can include the notebook aspect. There is the filtering option as well, and the notebook can be specified using the search language.

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