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  1. I agree with you 100%. However, the dividing line is there. They just moved it. Towards the upper-right, there's a blue dot with a white plus - and there it is.
  2. I finally found how to delete a notebook (Windows version). See attached graphic.
  3. 2 more capabilities that are missing from the Windows version (I'm not referring to the browser-based version)... 1. Cannot make "View as attachment" the default for .pdf files. 2. Cannot force a sync. (So, when I go back and forth between computers, I don't know if I'm looking at the latest version of a note.) 3. Cannot search within the currently viewed notebook (not the entire database, and not just the current note) Plus this error: Cannot delete a notebook!!! ...Art Lieberman...
  4. In the previous version of Evernote, under the Tools menu, there was an Options page with many many settings we could use. One of those was "always show pdf documents as attachments." With the latest version ALL of the optional settings are gone. Many other features are gone, also. So... in the Windows version of the program (not the browser-based one)... How do we make "View as attachment" the default? How do we force a Sync? I go back and forth between two computers, and I need to know if they are in sync. How do we search within the currently viewed notebook? (not the entire database, and not just the current note) How do we delete a notebook? If you have any answers, I would be so appreciative. Thank you... Art Lieberman
  5. Well, then, the bigger question: Why doesn't Evernote encrypt the data?
  6. LastPass on my PC. I have it's settings such that it will require the access password to be typed again if LastPass has not been used for 30 minutes. This would be a really simple thing for Evernote to implement.
  7. Ok, so my Evernote data is in plain text on my PC somewhere. But... if someone steals my PC, they might click on the Evernote icon to see what it is. But they probably won't go scouring the disk drive looking for the actual data files. If we had a time-out parameter that would require us to re-enter the password after X minutes of disuse [refer to how LastPass works], at least we'd be making it more difficult for someone to see my data. I don't want to have to remember to log out every time I walk away from my computer.
  8. (1) I'd like a timeout for the password... For example, if no activity within a half-hour, it automatically logs out. (2) I do understand that somehow our notes can be discovered in a partially-readable text format, so a password doesn't guarantee anything. However, it's a big step. If someone steals my computer and tries to run Evernote, and can't get through the password, they might not take the effort to scour the drive looking for the data. (3) Because Evernote does offer encryption of text if I highlight it and choose encryption, then why not offer encrypting the entire database? Or encrypting a notebook? (4) Many of my entries are .pdf and .jpg files. Apparently, Evernote only offers to encrypt clear text.
  9. Not just password-protect a folder or notebook, but I need to protect the entire database. I have personal info, passwords, IDs scattered throughout.
  10. I would like Evernote's security to work on my PC the same way it does on my smartphone. There should be a parameter such that if Evernote has not been used for a specified number of minutes, it should require the password. I don't have any personal information on my computers for which I would be in trouble if my computer were to be stollen - except what I have in LastPass and in Evernote. So, I expect my Evernote data to be encrypted and password-protected. I don't want to have to log in and out of my computer every time I use it. I don't want to have to enter passwords to access any of my files - except those in LastPass and in Evernote. So, why does the Evernote team not take security seriously? It's secured in the cloud but not on our machines? This should be an easy enhancement to add. We end-users should not have to take on the job of figuring out how to secure our data. Evernote should do this.
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