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Just updated to latest version but I hated the new Sidebar, too much clutter.

Can I ask for a feature to customize the sidebar? Remove whatever buttons I don't need, or at least the ability to drag & reorder buttons so that the more important ones are on top? Like I don't need "Home" button (i treat the Sidebar as Home), I don't need Chat, I don't need Shared with me. 

Really dislike the new layout. Seems like whoever designed this layout has a huge screen and not a tiny laptop screen like mine.




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Yeah I agree with the above. The new version is way to cluttered. Needs to be a way to remove most of the junk. I mainly just want to be able to write notes and add images to them.

Thankfully we have evernote legacy.....

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A number of things can be changed in the sidebar already. If send feedback to Evernote through the application making a good case for additional options to be added.

For me the v10 sidebar is pretty much identical to Legacy.

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