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Pin notes to top of notebook



Would be nice if you could pin a note to the top of a Notebook. Sometimes there are notes that I do not want to have in the Shortcuts, but do want to access them quickly when opening a notebook. If a note could be 'pinned' so that it is always at the top versus getting resorted with the other notes in the notebook, that would be helpful.

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On 3/24/2022 at 2:57 PM, Bill-Tx said:

Would be nice if you could pin a note to the top of a Notebook

A quick search of the forums will show you that this has been requested for a long time but EN for whatever reason have not been inclined to do it. You will also see lots of workarounds. @romeldenhas given one of the possible work arounds. Another is to change the created date far into the future (or past) if you sort by created date. Another solution (the one I use) is to have a "pinned" tag which can be applied to whatever notebook or search is currently in view to pull out the most important notes. Another approach might be to have a "cirtical notes" note which contains links to critical notes. You would then only have to shortcut that one note.

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