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Bulk transfer from dropbox

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Hey hey.  I am getting so frustrated.  I am trying to transfer a lot of stuff from dropbox to Evernote. I was doing them one at a time.  It did appear in Evernote as a link. It got me there when I clicked on it.  But when I deleted it from dropbox, it also left Evernote.  Plus, I would like to transfer in bulk.  Help


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Hello.  I hope I answer this right. I am on an iPad Pro 2nd Gen. 15.3.1. I have personal paid Evernote 10.27(1120970).  I have about 1/3rd of the files on dropbox that are personal and want to move over to Evernote.  That includes about 10,000 photos lol. I hope I am answering your questions.  Thank you


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Try to first import files from Dropbox into the iOS Files app. You can link Dropbox into its storage locations, and copy them over to local storage. 

For bulk transfer into EN the best way is with a Mac or Windows computer. They are able to run an EN Import Folder. You drop a file into it, it creates a new note with the file name as note title. Once in EN it is made searchable.

EN is not really build as a photo storage. It lacks features to manage pictures. I would import pictures into the Apple Photos app - way better to organize them.

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