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Don't understand an EN/Mac 10.32.4 feature

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In the release notes for EN/Mac 10.32.4, it states as a new feature:  "When you filter your tags, you can now choose whether to include any sub-tags as well. That'll make it easier to see what you need."  Can anyone share how this feature presents itself?

Before updating, I can filter tags as shown in the attachment.  After updating, I can see the same interface.

Where does this feature manifest itself?





Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 1.28.08 PM.png

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Even when it was not noted in the release notes, the same function is available now in the mobile clients as well. The picture was taken from EN iOS 10.27 on my iPad.

When you hit „filter“ and „tags“, in the tag list will be 3dots whenever a tag holds child tags. By tapping on the 3 dots a submenu appears at the bottom of the screen, asking whether to include or exclude child tags from the selection (sorry, but dark mode kicked in):


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