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Desconto estudantil

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Boa tarde! 
Chamo-me Rafael, sou Universitário da Universidade Católica do Recife, reconhecida pelo MEC. Gostaria de assinar o plano estudantil, mas não consigo devido o e-mail institucional possuir o final “.br”.

Há alguma maneira da comunidade me ajudar? O que faço para assinar o plano?

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7 hours ago, Rafael Gonzaga said:

Good afternoon! My name is Rafael, I am a university student at the Catholic University of Recife, recognized by the MEC. I would like to sign the student plan, but I cannot because the institutional email has the ending “.br”. Is there any way the community can help me? How do I subscribe to the plan?

Hi. The community can't help.  because we're (mostly) just other users.  But if you have a subscription query,  talk to to Support.  https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us

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It has nothing to do with the „.br“ domain. There are domain endings all over the world listed by EN to be eligible, including some in Brazil (see screenshot).

But the institute’s domain must be noted in this list. If not, you need to talk to support as already posted by @gazumped .



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