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Poor Web Clipper Image Quality

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So this year I'm all about getting organized, and I finally bit the bullet and decided to purchase an Evernote Personal account for the increased note size and notes per month.  I save a lot of articles from publications with high resolution images, and the quality has always been pretty poor in my saved notes.  I figured after upgrading I'd notice an immediate improvement of the image quality in my saved notes, but was disappointed this morning to see the image quality looks about the same.  This morning I clipped an article from the New York Times with a fair number of images.  They looked noticeably poorer in my saved note than in the article.  I looked at the details of the note, and was surprised that it was less than a megabyte in size.  I thought that I now had a maximum note size of 20 MB??  Is there some setting or preference that I'm missing that will let me set a larger default clipped note size?  If not, very disappointed in purchasing this "upgrade" and it will probably be a one time thing.

Thanks for any guidance / suggestions to get things working better.

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Hi.  Had you asked here before upgrading,  we could have told you that Clipper is a separate browser extension that works with all Evernote apps,  regardless of subscription.  It also works on the sensible basis that if you're clipping images you don't want to wait for a long time while they're synced,  plus you may need to store more than one image in a note;  so you'll get an "average quality" image rather than an HD one.  Having said that,  your monitor is probably not capable of displaying HD notes (normal web resolution is 72-96dpi) so it's surprising that you can see a difference at all...  Is it possible that the website you're using has some coding to prevent anyone copying their images at full quality? 

Try selecting the image individually and download it to your desktop - see what size image you get.

Plus - if you can post the URL here we can have a look to see what's going on.

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Web content is delivered with 72dpi - print is usually set to 300dpi (dots per inch, a measure dating back to the first needle printers). Websites should open within 2 seconds - this is why all content is „reduced to the max“.

Often there are high(er) res pictures behind the ones on the web site - but they are only delivered when opening the picture.

There is nothing wrong you get what is delivered to your browser. If you need the high res version, open the picture and load it separately. This is independent from being on Free or a paid account - it is how the web works, not about EN.

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