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On 2/6/2022 at 3:38 AM, rfilgas said:

I downloaded this today and I'm deleting it because it's infuriating that it's not possible to delete the title for a note. I'm going to your competition. Bye.

For the record note titles are fully editable,  but here's hoping you find an app you can use...

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„Delete note title“ - never say never, so I tried:

  • Not entering a title on creation - check, it says „untitled note“, and it saves and syncs
  • Entering a title, erasing it - check, the same, I get a perfectly functional note that is not titled

So the initial post is IMHO plain wrong, and that is it.

It is even possible to create notes with the same title. The title does not serve by any means as an identifier - the identifier is a unique alphanumeric code embedded into the note as metadata. It shows in the sharing link, I think.

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