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Forced upgrade to 10.27.5? Need multiple windows + local notebooks.

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Yesterday morning I opened my laptop and Evernote wanted me to log back in.  I did and discovered that it had silently self-upgraded to 10.27.5.  This breaks my ability to use Evernote in two ways:

(1) It seems only to allow one Evernote window to exist.  I keep an Evernote window open on each virtual desktop so I can maintain state (and notes) for each of my projects.

(2) It does not allow local notebooks.  My employer does not allow content about some projects to be stored on external servers, so I need local notebooks.

Does anyone know if there are ways to get these two functions back?  If not, I'll have to give up on Evernote.  For now I pulled my previous Evernote (7.12) from a backup, which may be hopelessly outdated, but at least provides these two functions.

I'm also not pleased that the app auto-updated.  I would welcome any tips about how to preclude that in the future.  I don't see anything in preferences about it.


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Hi.  Any idea what version you upgraded from?  If it was Evernote v10.2x,  you would have already gone through about 20 silent updates to get to this point.  AFAIK background updating is a 'feature,  not a bug' because each one adds value to the previous generation and kills existing bugs.  If you came from the previous public version for your OS,  you can get back to the desktop version here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote

Checking for updates is via Tools > Options in the older versions and it's your choice whether or not the app checks on startup.  There are various po-ups though offering new benefits,  and if you chose one without reading it carefully you may have requested this update voluntarily.  AFAIK the only way to avoid updates is to disable the check in a Legacy account.  v10 doesn't (yet) have that option.

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The only version that will not auto-update is the legacy client 7.14 posted by @gazumped . Installing 7.12 will not do, because these older versions are not set to never update - legacy has this eternity switch enabled. Since Windows never reached the 7.-release numbers, I assume you run EN on a Mac.

You can install and use legacy alone or side by side with v10. However, there is no guarantee for how long it will stay available. If you have any mission critical workflows, you should think about migrating NOW while it still works.

For Mac users DEVONthink is a solid alternative with local storage.

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> Any idea what version you upgraded from?

@gazumped Since the new version overwrote my previous Evernote application, the best I could do was pull the app from a backup, which was version 7.12.  I don't see any kind of Tools->Options there or anything that mentions updates.  Bugfixes are great, but forced updates that remove functionality should IMHO never happen without user opt-in.

@PinkElephant  Thanks, it sounds like I might be able to cautiously try out 7.14.  Thanks also for the pointer to DEVONthink.

It sounds like no one has an Evernote answer for the key features I need: multiple windows and local notebooks.  If these are simply not possible with non-legacy Evernote, I'll have to find a new solution and abandon Evernote - migration is not an option without those features.  A shame.

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Very simple: No multiple windows / tabs in the new version, no local notebooks.

The tabs are requested by many users, no status on that. As a workaround you can use the web client (which has improved a LOT), but not on Safari (EN tabs not supported).

Local notebooks were officially deprecated with the switch to v10.

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