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Left Panel font size

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Are you referring to Evernote Web? Simple. CTRL + will zoom in and make it more readable to your liking.

Referring to something else? As already asked:

- What device?

- What app version?

- What OS?

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1 minute ago, Jonty C said:

Thanks - I need to enlarge it on the app that sits on my computer not the web version.

If this was adaptable I would use Evernote about 50 times more often!

CTRL + - works on the desktop version as well and the setting is persistent

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26 minutes ago, Jonty C said:

I need to enlarge it on the app

I'm still unsure about the app version or operating system you use. That being said, CTRL + (or its equivalent on your OS) works just fine within the app.

On mobile, you can do this just fine in Android Settings > Accessibility > Font Size / Larger font.

So, irrespective of the device, that option should be possible for you.

Best of luck.

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2 hours ago, Jonty C said:

It work on the note part but not the left panel

The left panel font is so small it makes evernote unusable for me

In Evernote V10, zooming works on both note pane and left pane simultaneously.  Which Evernote version are you using?

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